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Ultimate Frisbee Part 1

Wendi talks about her love for sports and Ultimate Frisbee.

Todd: What sports are you into?

Wendi: I like everything. I do everything.

Todd: Really!

Wendi: Yeah.

Todd: What’s the last sport you played?

Wendi: The last sport I played – I’m just looking at my calendar – the last sport I played was probably Ultimate Frisbee, oh, yeah, Ultimate Frisbee.

Todd: OK, so a lot of people probably don’t know what Ultimate Frisbee is. Can you explain it?

Wendi: Yeah. It’s a field sport played on a soccer pitch-type thing but the field is similar to American football so there’s two end-zones and the game is similar to American football in that you’re trying to receive an object in an end-zone by catching it within that end-zone.

Wendi: And to advance, it is also similar in that there’s a kickoff from one kind of team to the other to receive the object and move it up the field, but when you receive the Frisbee, it gets thrown at you from the other team, when you receive the Frisbee you can’t run with it unlike American football, so once you receive the disk, you must stop running and you can make a pass to another player and so it’s basically a throwing and catching sport and it’s a lot of fun.

Todd: And you can play anywhere – in the street or in the park?

Wendi: Well, you can, yeah, you can, like, grab a Frisbee and go throw with it a friend anywhere that you want to but the game of Ultimate Frisbee is played with seven players a side on each team, and yeah, you can play it everywhere.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

(be) into

What sports are you into and what's the last sport you played?

When you are 'into' something, it means that you are interested in it and like to do it. Notice the following:

  1. I was into sewing for a long time, but now I don't have much time.
  2. Are you into outdoor activities?

-type thing

Ultimate Frisbee is a field sport played on a soccer pitch-type thing.

You can add the phrase '-type thing' after a noun to show that what you are talking about it similar to something that is well-known, but it is not exactly the same. Notice the following:

  1. One of the most famous local foods is a pizza-type thing.
  2. It's kind of this chair-type thing, but it's so comfortable, and it would fit in my room.


It's like in the American football, where you'll have to catch it within that end-zone.

The 'end-zone' is the part of the field in American football where the players have to go to score a touchdown. There are two 'end-zones' on a field, and each team is trying to run or throw towards their own end-zone.Notice the following:

  1. He scored after an incredibly long run into the end zone.
  2. Many professional American football players have a special end zone dance that they do when they score.


There's also a kick off from one team to the other to receive the object.

A 'kickoff' is when the ball is kicked from a stationary position to the other team. This is usually done after one team has scored or at the beginning of a new period. We can also use 'kickoff' to refer to the beginning of a game. Notice the following:

  1. The kickoff went all the way into the end zone.
  2. What time is the kickoff tomorrow?

make a pass

Once you receive the disk, you must stop running and make a pass to another player.

You 'make a pass' when you throw or kick the ball or disk to another player. Notice the following:

  1. The quarterback made a long pass, and the team scored in the last few seconds of the game.
  2. Don't just stand there with the ball. Make a pass to someone.

Vocabulary Quiz

into • -type thing • end-zone
kickoffs • pass
  1. We did running drills at practice today from one to the other.
  2. I didn't know you were foreign films.
  3. There is a long stick in the closet over there that we use to get things down from up high.
  4. I'm not very good at , because I don't have much foot coordination.
  5. One of their players made a , and our team stole the ball.
Answer these questions about the interview.


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