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Wendi talks about strange people at their station, beauty, and a TV program.

Wendi: At my station there's a lot of weirdoes. Have you noticed?

Todd: There is a lot of weirdoes in the train station.

Wendi: There's a lot of weirdoes at my station.

Todd: Yeah, why do you think that? Do you think that they just like the train station or it's this area?

Wendi: I don't know. What do you think?

Todd: I don't know either. But I've lived all over Japan and I noticed that this train station is kind of.

Wendi: Quite strange?

Todd: Quite weird. Yeah, like the one guy that amazes me, is the really, really dirty guy.

Wendi: Yeah.

Todd: Super dirty guy.

Wendi: The dirtiest of the dirty.

Todd: Right, the guy that's got the long hair and it hangs down and you can't see his face and he's like caked in dirt, like if that guy took a shower it would hurt.

Wendi: Yeah.

Todd: I wonder how, and he's old.

Wendi: You know what would be amazing if we put him on Swan. On the Swan.

Todd: What's Swan?

Wendi: Swan is like this incredible makeover show where they like slice and dice people.

Todd: Sort of like change his hair and give him like...

Wendi: Yeah and like they give people like new jaws. They like just cut them up like serious. It's like extreme plastic surgery, like...

Todd: Is this a Canadian show?

Wendi: It's an American show of course.

Todd: Really. I've been overseas. I don't know American shows.

Wendi: Yeah, any ways. The swan basically like, they hang out and they find really unattractive people and they slice and dice them into like pageant queens.

Todd: Oh, wow.

Wendi: It's really foul. But anyway's.

Todd: Yeah, actually that's

Wendi: They could turn him into a beauty.

Todd: Yeah, maybe he doesn't want to.

Wendi: It's actually really twisted this show, like it's, like I've seen shots of it kind of thing, but it's actually incredibly disturbing. Like that people would be willing to fully like, slice and dice, like they kind of do like this inventory. They do like a 360 of the person, like they show then in like their bras and panty of something. I don't really know.

Wendi: And they like, they just do this thing down the side, like,"We are going to take out all of her teeth and you know, crack her jaw in five places and reduce her nose and open up her eyes and take off the left limb and whatever you know, they just like go down this list. It's just unbelievable and then they actually do it.

Todd: Wow!

Wendi: Yeah and then they end up with these people that look like drastically different but that have gone through like crazy, like, I don't know, six month-eight month surgeries and everything else to get there kind of thing. It's crazy.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


There is a lot of weirdos in the train station.

A 'weirdo' is a person who is strange because of the way he looks, dresses, acts or thinks. Notice the following:

  1. He was a big weirdo in high school.
  2. I don't understand why you are such a weirdo sometimes.

caked in dirt

That guy is caked in dirt, like if he took a shower it would hurt.

If you are 'caked in dirt,' you have a layer of dirt on you or you are completely covered in dirt. Notice the following:

  1. How did your pants get so caked in dirt?
  2. Please take your shoes off at the door. They are caked in dirt.

slice and dice

Swan is this incredible makeover show where they slice and dice people.

Here 'slice and dice' refers to cutting people up, like in a surgical way, to completely change their appearance. It is a reference to doing plastic surgery. Notice the following:

  1. This is one of those slice and dice horror movies.
  2. I lot of women from this country have had a slice and dice procedure done at least once.


I think it's really foul that they slice and dice people into like pageant queens.

If someone does something 'foul,' it is offensive, cruel, wicked or horrible. Notice the following:

  1. I don't know why I am in such a foul mood today.
  2. That's a really foul way to treat someone you love.


This show is really twisted and incredibly disturbing.

'Twisted' actions are cruel and unusual. Notice the following:

  1. Most of the movie character played by Johnny Depp are a little twisted.
  2. The end of this story is really twisted, and I wasn't expecting it at all.

Vocabulary Quiz

weirdo • caked in mud • slice
foul • twisted
  1. I thought he was a medical doctor, but he is more of a and dice variety.
  2. The artist must be a very person who is in need of some love.
  3. The dog really needs a bath. He's completely .
  4. There were a couple scenes in that movie that were completely and disturbing.
  5. He can be kind of a when it comes to relationships. Girls think he's crazy.
Answer these questions about the interview.


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