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Adrienne discusses breakfast and what she sometimes makes.

Todd: So, Adrienne, what did you have for breakfast today?

Adrienne: This morning, I forgot to eat breakfast.

Todd: Nothing! You had nothing?

Adrienne: I had grapefruit juice.

Todd: Grapefruit juice! That's not a very healthy breakfast.

Adrienne: I know. Don't tell my mother.

Todd: I'm gonna tell her. She's gonna listen. She's gonna hear this on ELLLO and she's gonna be very upset.

Adrienne: Please don't tell my mother. You're right. She'll be very upset if she hears that.

Todd: Mothers know we must have breakfast.

Adrienne: Hmm.

Todd: I never miss breakfast. So normally, when you do have breakfast, what do you have?

Adrienne: Ah, usually I have yogurt and fruit.

Todd: Yogurt!

Adrienne: Yes.

Todd: Now, do you get like the fruit-swirly kind or do you just get the plain white yogurt?

Adrienne: No, no, I like the plain.

Todd: Oh, really.

Adrienne: Really. The sweetened yogurt tastes to chemical to me. It's got all kinds of strange sweeteners and things in it that I don't like, so I prefer to buy plain yogurt. Maybe sweeten it myself with honey or molasses or fruit, something natural. It tastes better.

Todd: Well, what fruit do you put in your yogurt? Do you put the fruit in the yogurt or do you have it separate?

Adrienne: I don't know. It depends on if I'm in a hurry I guess.

Todd: Right. Right. So assuming that you cook breakfast sometimes...

Adrienne: Rarely.

Todd: OK. But when you do cook breakfast, what do you make?

Adrienne: My favorite breakfast to cook is spinach and cheese omelet

Todd: That sounds good.

Adrienne: It's really good - with turkey bacon and hash-browns.

Todd: Turkey bacon!

Adrienne: Yeah.

Todd: So is that bacon that tastes like turkey, or...

Adrienne: Bacon made out of turkey meat.

Todd: Does it have the fat and stuff just like the normal bacon?

Adrienne: Yeah, it's not as fatty. I think that's why I like it so it's crunchier. It's crispier.

Todd: OK

Adrienne: So to me it's has a better taste, but a lot of people really dislike it, so you have to.... it 's kind of an acquired taste I guess.

Todd: Right. Right.

Adrienne: But my mom often cooks turkey bacon in with the regular bacon for breakfast for everyone so that you can't really tell the difference cause it has that bacon fat taste to it, so it kind of defeats the purpose of being healthy about the bacon but, anyway.

Todd: Yeah, but it tastes good. That's all that matters.

Adrienne: For a big breakfast like that, it's true.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


Do you get the fruit-swirly kind or just the plain white yogurt?

A 'swirly' kind of yogurt would have fruit mixed in with normal yogurt in a circular pattern. Notice the following:

  1. I love the swirly kind of ice cream.
  2. The swirly look of these cookies is so pretty.


The sweetened yogurt tastes too chemical to me, because it has sweeteners and things like that.

'Sweeteners' are things like sugar or Splenda that make food taste sweet. Notice the following:

  1. There are sugar packets and sweeteners over there on the counter.
  2. Do you like sweetener in your coffee?


Turkey bacon is bacon made out of turkey meat, so it's not as fatty.

Something that is 'fatty' has a lot of fat on it and is usually bad for you because it has a lot of oil. Notice the following:

  1. The meat in this restaurant is too fatty for me.
  2. I didn't realize that this pizza was so fatty.

crunchier / crispier

I prefer turkey bacon because it's crunchier, it's crispier.

You know that chips are 'crunchy' because of the sound they make when you chew them. Something that is 'crispy' breaks very easily, because it is hard and fragile. Notice the following:

  1. These cookies are crunchier than usual.
  2. I prefer reduced fat chips, because they are crispier than the ones with lots of fat.

defeat the purpose

My mom cooks it with regular bacon, so it kind of defeats the purpose of being healthy.

You 'defeat the purpose' of something when your actions go against your intentions. Looking at the example, if the motivation is to eat healthier and you are eating turkey bacon because it is healthier, it doesn't help you reach your goal if you good healthy turkey bacon with fatty regular bacon. Notice the following:

  1. It partially defeats the purpose of studying abroad to learn a new language if you just speak your native language with all of your friends.
  2. Eating lots of cookies after you exercise really defeats the purpose.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

swirly • sweetener • fatty
crunchy • defeating
  1. I know cheese is really , but it's delicious.
  2. You are the purpose of your diet if you are just going to go back to eating the same after you lose weight.
  3. Please buy me some of that peppermint candy.
  4. There is too much in this coffee. I can't drink it.
  5. Do you want something to put on top of your salad like nuts or croutons.

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