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Adrienne talks about lunch and shares her favorite burger.

Todd: Now, Adrienne, we are both work in the same office. We are colleagues. Let's talk about lunch. We have different lunch tastes. Why don't you talk about what do you like to have for lunch?

Adrienne: Ah, my favorite thing to do for lunch, when I'm at the office, of course, is to go for either Indian or Vietnamese. Both are very spicy and I like that for lunchtime. Also, it's kind of a light lunch I think, so I like it to be light, but somewhat exciting.

Todd: See, I like Indian food and I like the Vietnamese food, but I just don't like doing it for lunch. I'm a burger-and-fry guy. Like at lunch, I just want a sandwich or a hamburger and a milkshake, quick and easy. It tastes good.

Adrienne: Too heavy for me for lunchtime.

Todd: It tastes so good though.

Adrienne: I know, but I fall asleep an hour later sitting at my desk. Don't tell anyone.

Todd: So when you do have fast food – you do eat pretty healthily – but when you do eat fast food, what kind of fast foods do you like the most?

Adrienne: Well, I am a sucker for a good cheeseburger, so I really do like to have that, but again, I have to be able to go home and sleep after I've eaten one.

Todd: So it just sits there.... So what do you like on your hamburgers? What vegetables?

Adrienne: My favorite cheeseburger that I found – I actually found a restaurant recently that has really good cheeseburgers – and my favorite one is lettuce, tomato, raw onion, avocado and cheese.

Todd: That sounds pretty good. Actually, when it comes to burgers for me, I just want it plain. I just want a bun a hamburger, actually no cheese, a little ketchup and maybe a little lettuce, but that's it. Just hamburger and bread.

Adrienne: You're a simple guy Todd.

Todd: I am a simple guy.

Adrienne: See, I like my food a little more exciting I think than you do.

Todd: OK, but as for the sauces, we got mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup. Which do you like the best?

Adrienne: Hmm, it depends on what the other ingredients are.

Todd: Right. See the thing is that I love mustard. I can eat mustard on just about anything, you know meat, whatever. I hate mayonnaise. I don't understand why people eat mayonnaise. It's disgusting. And ketchup, I eat sometimes.

Adrienne: If I have a plain cheeseburger, nothing on it, just cheese and meat, and bun, then ketchup and mustard, but if it's got vegetables on it, then I like mayonnaise. It's just a preference.

Todd: I know. There's something about mayonnaise. I don't know.

Adrienne: Get over it.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


We both work in the same office and we are colleagues.

A 'colleague' is an associate. It can be someone you actually work with or just someone you have met and talked to a number of times. Notice the following:

  1. Have you met my colleague Alex?
  2. One of my colleagues actually owns a house in the Caribbean and invited me for a vacation.

light lunch

I go for either Indian or Vietnamese because it's kind of a light lunch.

You eat a 'light lunch' when you aren't very hungry. It is not a lot of food, so it will not make you really full or make you feel tired. Notice the following:

  1. This is a great little restaurant to get a light lunch.
  2. Let's just have a light lunch, because it's only a few hours until our dinner reservations.

burger-and-fry guy

Because I'm a burger-and-fry guy, I just want a sandwich or hamburger and a milkshake.

A 'burger-and-fry guy' really likes to eat hamburgers and French fries. Notice the following:

  1. She's a burger-and-fry girl, so she would be okay with any sort of fast food restaurant.
  2. These fancy restaurants don't really don't excite me at all, because I'm just a burger-and-fry guy.

a sucker for

I am a sucker for a good cheeseburger, so I do like to have that.

If you are a 'sucker for' something, it means that you can't resist it. Notice the following:

  1. He's really a sucker for fried food.
  2. I'm a sucker for anything sweet.

get over it

You don't like mayonnaise? Get over it.

When to tell someone to 'get over it,' you are telling him to deal with his issue or problem. If someone continues to think about a problem that they had in the past but can't do anything about, you can say 'Get over it.' Notice the following:

  1. When someone that you love dies, you will need a long time to get over it.
  2. She was a bad girlfriend. You need to just get over her.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

colleagues • light • burger-and-fry
sucker • get over
  1. For a lunch, I prefer soup and a sandwich.
  2. He's such a for a good deal that he buys things that he doesn't really need.
  3. I know you were hoping to buy a new car, but you don't have the money right now, so just it.
  4. Food was a big problem for him when he was traveling, because he's really just a kind of guy.
  5. The management at my job really focuses on creating relationships between in the office.

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