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Morning Routine

Amy and Paul talk about what is their typical morning routine and what they like to eat for breakfast.


Paul: Hi, Aimee.

Aimee: Hi.

Paul: How are you?

Aimee: I'm all right. Thanks. How are you?

Paul: Yeah, pretty good. I was thinking the other day about routine. I mean, do you follow like a strict routine?

Aimee: Not really. I'm pretty laid-back, I think.

Paul: I see.

Aimee: Work days, you have to follow a routine, I guess because you have to get ready, you have to get out the door. But on days off, I just do what I feel like pretty much. Pretty relaxed.

Paul: Well, that I think is important isn't it, to relax on your days off. But like on a work day, so what do you do first in the morning?

Aimee: I think probably what everybody does first. I have to go to the bathroom.

Paul: Okay. I mean, what do you do after that? Do you make yourself a hot drink?

Aimee: I wash my face and brush teeth, pretty much, and then cajole my daughter into getting on with her morning routine as well, making sure she's ready.

Paul: I see. So you've got to get two people ready.

Aimee: Yes, I do. How about you?

Paul: I just need to worry about myself really. I think that's enough, you know.

Aimee: Is that a big task?

Paul: Yeah. Well, I always have a cup of tea in the morning. First thing, I always put the kettle on and make a hot drink. And I usually try to eat like a good breakfast, not just a piece of toast or something but maybe some eggs, scrambled eggs and maybe some bacon and some toast. Yeah, I try to leave the house with a full stomach.

Aimee: Yeah, that's good. I try to do that as well. Sometimes, we're pretty rushed and breakfast is sometimes eaten in the car. But we do get full stomachs eventually.

Paul: Right, right.

Aimee: Do you ever have fruit with your breakfast?

Paul: I don't. I know some people eat like a grapefruit. Actually, occasionally, I have a banana.

Aimee: Hmm.

Paul: Yeah, because I just find it's really easy, and convenient, and quick.

Aimee: I agree.

Paul: But stuff like, you know, grapefruits and oranges, you have to peel them. Yeah, I just don't have the time really in the morning.

Aimee: Too much like hard work?

Paul: Yeah. But if I stay in like if I'm on a holiday in a hotel and they have like a nice breakfast, I always try to eat fruit. So I always try to eat a bit of everything actually.

Aimee: When it's there in front of you, ready.

Paul: When it's made for you, yeah.

Aimee: I do that, too, definitely.

Paul: Yeah.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

strict routine


Do you follow like a strict routine?

A strict routine is something you do regularly without fail. Notice the following:

  1. He follows a strict workout routine.
  2. I am too lazy to follow a strict diet.



I'm pretty laid-back, I think.

Laid-back means relaxed and easy-going. Notice the following:

  1. My dad is laid-back, but my mom is strict.
  2. I think our teacher is too laid-back.

day off


But on days off, I just do what I feel like.

A day off is a day you do not have to work or go to school. Notice the following:

  1. For most people, Sunday is a day off.
  2. Tomorrow is my day off, so I will go to the beach..





I have to cajole my daughter into getting ready.

When you cajole someone, you persuade them into doing something. Notice the following:

  1. He cajoled me into dancing with him.
  2. My parents cajoled me into going to college.

put the kettle on


I always put the kettle on and make a hot drink.

When you put the kettle on, you heat up water. It refers to having tea or coffee. Notice the following:

  1. Shall I put the kettle on?
  2. Let's put the kettle on and have some tea.



We're pretty rushed in the morning.

When you are rushed, you are in a hurry. Notice the following:

  1. I am always rushed in the morning.
  2. I hate to feel rushed on vacation.

Vocabulary Quiz

strict routine • laid-back • day off
cajole • kettle • rushed
  1. I had to him to come with us.
  2. Can you put the on?
  3. He is so . He never gets mad.
  4. When is your next ?
  5. Do you follow a ?
  6. I hate to feel in the morning.

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