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Having Roommates

Adam and Sarah discuss if it is better to have roommates or to live alone.

Adam: Hi Sarah. Today we’re talking about lifestyle options. So my first question would be, would you rather live with a roommate or live by yourself?

Sarah: This one would definitely depend on who the roommate is. I have lived alone many times and I’ve also had lots of different roommates, and I found that any roommate that’s extroverted does not work well with me. I find that like if I come home and they’re there, like I don’t want to be there. So I leave again, or I just go in my room, close the door.

I think the worst situation was when I lived with my sister. She is very extroverted, and we were working the same types of jobs and spending a lot of time together. When I came home, I just wanted to be alone. And so I would go in my room and she thought that I didn’t love her, I didn’t want to spend time with her. But really, you know, I just needed my space.

So in that case, living alone is better. But if I have someone who is more similar in personality to me, then it works well to have a roommate. I currently have a roommate and we get along really well because we have similar temperaments. And so, yeah, it works well for us.

Adam: So would you say that opposites don’t attract?

Sarah: When it comes to living together, absolutely not.

Adam: Hmm. How about your living situation in terms of a house or an apartment, which one would you prefer?

Sarah: Definitely an apartment because to me a house seems permanent. And I love change. So I also move a lot. I have moved to a new place every two years or less for like the past 12 years of my life. So the thought of having a house and being stuck in one place doesn’t really appeal to me.

Adam: I can understand that. This apartment of yours, would you prefer it to be in the city or in the countryside?

Sarah: I would naturally say city, but ironically, most of the places I have lived have been more countryside or rural because that’s where I found work. But in the future, I think I would like to live in a larger city.

Adam: Any cities in mind?

Sarah: Not right now. I’m still trying to decide about what country I want to move to next.

Adam: How about this apartment of yours in the city, would it be furnished or unfurnished?

Sarah: Interesting you ask that, because the apartment I’m currently in is unfurnished. And when I moved here, it was really complicated to try to furnish it because I live on the fifth floor and there is no elevator. And it became quickly very problematic when I moved in trying to get things.

But when I was coming, the apartment agency that I was dealing with told me that there weren’t any furnished apartments in the area where I lived. So I thought it was the only option when really it wasn’t.

Adam: Yeah, the fifth floor, you must have got some good exercise carrying all that stuff up there.

Sarah: Definitely.

Adam: How do you feel about pets?

Sarah: I love animals. I would love to have a dog or a rabbit. When I lived in China, I had a rabbit. But it’s just not practical for my life because I live overseas and I go back and forth between the States visiting family. And it’s just not practical to have one. So maybe one day if I ever settle down.

Adam: A dog, a rabbit?

Sarah: Probably a dog. Dog would be first option definitely, a Dachshund. My favorite animal is Dachshund.

Adam: Those are cute.

Sarah: Yeah.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

need space

imageI just needed my space.

When you need your space, you want to be left alone or not bothered. Notice the following:

  1. I like my boyfriend, but sometimes I need my space.
  2. If you share a room, you sometimes need your space.

get along (well)

imageWe get along really well.

When you get along with someone, you enjoy being around them. Notice the following:

  1. I love my mom, but sometimes we do not get along well.
  2. My boss is nice. We get along well.


imageWe have similar temperaments.

A temperament is like a mood or personality. Notice the following:

  1. My dad and I have similar temperaments. We are both quite and a little serious.
  2. My boss has a good temperament, so it is fun to work with her.

stuck in one place

imageI would hate being stuck in one place.

When you are stuck in one place, you are not free to move elsewhere. Notice the following:

  1. If you start a family, you can get stuck in one place.
  2. I move a lot because I hate being stuck in one place.

appeal to

imageIt doesn’t really appeal to me.

If something does not appeal to you, then you do not like it. If it appeals to you, then you like it. Notice the following:

  1. Working for a big company does not appeal to me.
  2. Jazz music does not appeal to me.


imageBut it’s just not practical for my life.

If something is practical, then it is easy to do. If it is not practical, it will cause difficulty. Notice the following:

  1. Parking is hard to find in the city, so having a car is not practical.
  2. College is expensive, so it is practical to study near your home to save money.

Vocabulary Quiz

need space • get along • temperament
stuck in • appeal to • practical
  1. My boss and I very well.
  2. It is not to eat out every night.
  3. I hate being the office.
  4. Spicy Thai food does not to me.
  5. Even married couples sometimes .
  6. He has a very pleasant .

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