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SoMe Love

Marianne and Todd discuss how social media is changing how people have and share their relationships.

Todd: Hey, Marianne. So we're talking about love and relationships in the modern era. So the question is do you think social media changes how people date?

Marianne: Yes, definitely. In the sense that, well, social media are actually changing the way we interact with each other. Not only talking about love but just even with your friends or colleagues or ... It just changes the way of how – or the way how people interact with each other.

So for example, we have – I would say – well it's a difficult question because social media can help you to connect with people you would have – with who you wouldn't have any connection. But on the other hand, it can also kind of isolate you. Like because – well, if you use social media like you don't have the human interaction. You are just facing you with your screen and you are just alone with your social media. You do not encounter someone for real.

So I would say, sometimes it cannot help you to connect with other people, so to have a social life. It's a paradox, but I think it could work this way unfortunately. So you really have to be the own master on your social – you have to have the power on your social media to pass this line. Social media should not prevent you from having a social life. It should help you to socialize in a different way maybe. But don't be like isolated or don't just close yourself because it's very easy to lose it.

It's just like social media reflects your – it's like a mirror. It just reflects you. So for example, if you try to look for a partner or if you play with your social – not social identity but there is a way to say this like a computer or Internet identity. Now there is a new identity.

So many – of course, like you play with this image. Like you upload photos you have chosen to upload. You upload content you have chosen to upload. So you show a different face on the social media. So it's not really who you are. So it completely changed the way you interact with others because if you think that yourself you are like lying in a way or inventing this new face, then also other people invent new faces. So I think it changed completely the relationship you have with others.

Todd: Yeah. That's so true. I agree with you. One thing I think that's kind of weird is for example, you become friends with somebody and you know that they're married. And then you'll follow them over, let's say, four or five years but you don't have contact with them everyday. And then I'll notice that person never mentions their spouse on their social media profile. Never.

And it makes you wonder sometimes, are they still together because you never see photos of the person. You only see photos of the individual. And me personally, I think that's kind of strange. What do you feel about that? Do you feel like if you're in a relationship, your social media account can be just you and only you? Or should it include your…

Marianne: That's a good question. Yes.

Todd: Your other person.

Marianne: Yes. That's a very good question actually. Yes, because for example – your partner for example, he or she, like you are not allowed sometimes to upload photo of him or her. So how do you, yes, how do you decide like what kind of content. And it's the same question for your children for example. Many people upload photo of their babies, newborn babies. So it's very cute but nobody asks them are they okay with like having their photos on your social media? So yes, it's a good question.

In my case, well I use social media only for my work purpose, my job, or I just upload some events. So it's very like – it's more a platform where I exchange some information. And I don't talk too much about my private life. So I avoid this question about like uploading some content that concern my family or my partners or my children if I have some, so.

Todd: Yeah. I guess, it's a tricky issue really, isn't it?

Marianne: Yes.

Todd: Anyway, thanks, Marianne.

Marianne: Thank you.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



It can also kind of isolate you.

When you are isolated, you are alone and removed from others. Notice the following:

  1. I felt isolated living in the mountains.
  2. When children fight, you should isolate them.



You do not encounter someone for real.

Here, encounter means to meets someone or something without planning. Notice the following:

  1. I encountered my boss at the party.
  2. Famous people often encounter their fans.



It just reflects you.

Here, reflect means to represent oneself. Notice the following:

  1. Your clothes can reflect your personality.
  2. When you look at a mirror, it reflects an image of your face.



They mention their spouse.

A spouse is a husband or wife. Notice the following:

  1. I will check with my spouse and get back to you.
  2. Have you met his spouse?




It concern my partner.

A partner is not a spouse, but a girlfriend or boyfriend. Notice the following:

  1. She lives with her partner.
  2. He is not her husband, just her partner.

tricky issue


It's a tricky issue really, isn't it?

A tricky issue is a situation or problem that must be handled carefully. Notice the following:

  1. Getting a visa for some countries can be a tricky issue.
  2. Giving friends criticism is a tricky issue.

Vocabulary Quiz

isolated • encounter • reflect
spouse • partner • tricky issue
  1. On my camping trip alone I was in the woods.
  2. These clothes your personality.
  3. Lending money to friends is a .
  4. She is single but lives with her .
  5. As a waiter, you some rude people.
  6. My boss is married but I have never met his .

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