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Caught Cheating

Aimee and Gilda discuss their experiences cheating when they were in school.

Aimee: How about you? Have you ever cheated on a test, Gilda?

Gilda: I did. I did once in junior high school, too. Probably, I was 12 or 13. I remember this test about art, plastic art or something like that subject. And I forgot. And when I got to school and everybody was telling me, "Today we have a test." I was like, "Oh no, I didn't have time to study." So I tried to keep my notebook open under my chair.

Aimee: Sneaky.

Gilda: Yes. And when I was trying to look at it, the teacher caught me and she gave me a zero.

Aimee: Oh, a well-deserved zero, I believe.

Gilda: Yes. But I didn't, you know, I didn't look at it but yeah, it was really a bad experience. And after that, I decided not to do it anymore.

Aimee: You learned from that experience it sounds like.

Gilda: I learned from that, yes.

Aimee: You know, once –

Gilda: Actually it's better to – if you approach the teacher and you say, "Oh teacher, I didn't have time to study or I forgot, is there any chance I could take this test later?" Maybe they might consider your request if you are a good student, of course.

Aimee: Yes. That depends on your attitude leading up to the test, doesn't it?

Gilda: Yes, exactly.

Aimee: I mean, if you're a terrible student, a teacher is not likely to give you a chance, I think. Once –

Gilda: Yeah. How about you?

Aimee: Well, not exactly cheating but once in an exam in university, my – I had a nosebleed all over my exam paper.

Gilda: Gross.

Aimee: And I just stood up and left. I was a bit upset and I stood up and I left. And I just went home and didn't deal with that appropriately. And the examiner obviously got worried because she stood up and realize my exam paper had blood on it. So she called my house looking for me and I had to retake – I had to reset the test, the exam at the end of summer.

Gilda: Okay. But at least you got…

Aimee: So it was a biological sort of a pass, I guess.

Gilda: Yes. Interesting.

Aimee: A bit disgusting really, isn't it for the poor examiner to be met with it.

Gilda: Yeah. You should have taken it with you, the test instead of –

Aimee: The test?

Gilda: Instead of returning it with your blood on it.

Aimee: Yeah, I should have taken it, shouldn't I? But maybe I would be accused of cheating if I did that.

Gilda: Yes. Yeah. But that happens though. I've seen students with nose bleeding.

Aimee: They're rare for me. I was very surprised. That's why I was upset because I don't get nosebleeds. But suddenly, that day, I did very suddenly. It was very surprising. A real shock.

Gilda: I see. Aimee, you got children, right?

Aimee: Uh-hmm.

Gilda: How would you feel if you caught them cheating or if you heard that they were cheating on a test?

Aimee: Oh, that's a good question. I guess I would be upset emotionally. I would have to – I'd have to talk to talk to them and find out their reasons for it, why are they cheating. Why did they – I find out if it was cheating because of panic, because they haven't managed to study or cheating because they just don't want to do the work. So I think you have to find the motivation for it and take it from there, I guess.

Gilda: You know, sometimes when we ask them or when we tell them that, they are like, "But you did that once. I'm sure you did that once." So how do you think you will deal with that if your daughter says to you, "I'm sure you did it once. Why are you blaming me now?"

Aimee: I think I have to divert that question away, I think. It's not about me though, is it? It's about you right now.

Gilda: Exactly. Yes, yes.

Aimee: I'm finished with school, unfortunately. So I think that would be my strategy. I would divert the attention away.

Gilda: Yes.

Aimee: I think, you know, remaining calm about these things is probably the best way to go because I know my daughter would fully expect me to be livid about being caught cheating on a test. So I think I would have to surprise her and remain calm because I get really grumpy with her anyway over stupid things. So I think she – if I stay calm and I talk to her about it, she thinks rationally.

Gilda: Yeah. I think it's the best thing.

Aimee: Yes.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



Have you ever cheated on a test?

When you cheat on a test, you do not take the test honestly. Notice the following:

  1. Most students do not cheat on tests.
  2. If you cheat on tests, the teachers will be mad.



A well-deserved zero, I believe.

When something is well-deserved, that means you did something to earn it. Notice the following:

  1. After dieting, his weight loss was well-deserved.
  2. She studied hard, so her high score was well-deserved.



I don't get nosebleeds. 

A nosebleed is when blood comes out of your nose. Notice the following:

  1. At high altitude you can easily get a nosebleed.
  2. He got a nosebleed after being hit in the nose.

take it from there


Find the motivations for it and take it from there.

Here, take it from there means move on from this point forward and make a decision. Notice the following:

  1. We need to see the results and take it from there.
  2. We will see what happens and take it from there.

divert attention away


I would divert the attention away.

When you divert attention, you take some action so people do not notice something. Notice the following:

  1. She is shy so she always diverts attention away from herself.
  2. The thieves stole money as they diverted everyone's attention away.



And the examiner obviously got worried

An examiner gives a test. A test taker takes the test. Notice the following:

  1. The examiner gave directions for the test.
  2. The examiner closely watched the students.

Vocabulary Quiz

nose bleed • deserved • cheat
take it • divert • examiner
  1. I would never on test.
  2. He got a bad from his illness.
  3. Her score is well- .
  4. Once we arrive, let us from there.
  5. He tried to my attention.
  6. We had a very strict .

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