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Super Hero Skills

Two college students discuss what super hero skill they would like to have.

Gyri: What are some superhero skills that you would like to have?

Viyasan: There's lots of different types of skills out there that have my attention but I think the most important skill or the most useful skill for me would be to clone myself. There's an anime, Naruto, and coincidentally we're in Japan as well. In Naruto, you're able to clone yourself and when you clone yourself you're able to still retain all the knowledge that your clone is doing. For example, I could be here doing an interview and my clone could be outside swimming and practicing swimming, and then when my clone disappears, I'll still retain all the knowledge I have from swimming even though I was performing an interview here. I think that would be very useful in learning a lot of different types of things. For example, languages, practicing sports, cooking food, and it would be very efficient with my time and I'd be able to complete everything on my schedule.

Gyri: Multi-tasking.

Viyasan: Exactly. Multi-tasking at its finest. That's definitely a superhero power that I would love to have.

Gyri: Mm-hmm.

Viyasan: What about yourself? What would you like to do?

Gyri: Oh, I'm not sure. When I was little I always wanted to be able to fly or breathe underwater because I really wanted to be a mermaid when I was little, but I think now maybe just teleportation would be really nice. I wouldn't have to walk everywhere. I'm a little lazy. I wouldn't have to sit on the plane for like ten hours when I visit my family in the states. I hate flying, it's just really boring.

Viyasan: Yeah.

Gyri: So yeah, definitely teleportation, I think.

Viyasan: Okay, that's a very interesting superhero ability to have.

Gyri: Yeah.

Viyasan: Definitely makes life a lot quicker. You won't have to sit in rush hour either when you're driving home from work.

Gyri: Yeah, and I could just teleport to all the different places and countries that I wanted to go to.

Viyasan: Exactly.

Gyri: Yeah.

Viyasan: That'd be amazing as well, yeah. What else? What other types of superhero powers would you have besides teleportation?

Gyri: Maybe superhuman strength.

Viyasan: Mm-hmm.

Gyri: That would be cool, I think. Just walking around lifting people up and stuff.

Viyasan: Yeah.

Gyri: Or lifting up buildings, like Superman.

Viyasan: Yeah, like Superman.

Gyri: Stopping asteroids and yeah. But people would definitely notice that I had super powers and maybe that's not a good idea.

Viyasan: You might want to compete in some strong man or power building competitions.

Gyri: Yeah, yeah.

Viyasan: Super lifting, yeah.

Gyri: I would become famous.

Viyasan: Exactly, yeah. That would be a good career move, eh?

Gyri: Yeah, but it would be purely talent and not hard work.

Viyasan: Exactly, exactly. But I guess you'd have to practice your superhero strength.

Gyri: I guess.

Viyasan: By picking up different things.

Gyri: Yeah, and practicing not using too much strength and crushing things.

Viyasan: That's true. That's true, yeah. That's very cool.

Gyri: Are there any other powers that you would like to have?

Viyasan: The one superhero that's my favorite is Spider-Man and so I saw all of his movies as a little kid and so I think having webs coming out of your wrist, being able to fly between skyscrapers, being able to stick people onto walls, fighting crime. That would be really cool, but just mainly for the amusement aspect of flying around, sling shooting different things with your webs. That would be very cool and a very unique skill to have.

Gyri: Yeah.

Viyasan: That super power would be amazing to have, yeah.

Gyri: Mm-hmm . He's your favorite superhero?

Viyasan: Yeah, I would say that he's the superhero that I relate to the most. Just recently Spider-Man High School came out and so it depicted Peter Parker, Spider-Man, in high school and so it was a very fun movie and definitely relates a lot to high school and it was very fun to watch and I really enjoyed that. Definitely Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and I really enjoyed his movie and definitely would love to have his web shooting abilities.

Gyri: Mm-hmm .

Viyasan: Yeah.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



And coincidentally we're in Japan as well.

When something happens coincidentally, it happens by chance, or without any planning. Notice the following:

  1. I was just talking about my favorite movie and coincidentally it was playing on the TV.



Exactly. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Multi-tasking is doing two or more things at the same time. Notice the following:

  1. I like multi-tasking at the gym. I listen to audio books as I work out.



You're able to clone yourself.

When you clone something, you create a copy of something that can function like the original model. Notice the following:

  1. Scientists can already clone some animals like sheep.



So it depicted Peter Parker, Spider-Man, in high school.

When you depict something you represent it in another art form. Notice the following:

  1. The movie depicted the life of Nelson Mandela.



But just mainly for the amusement aspect of flying around.

An aspect is a certain feature or part of something. Here the amusement aspect means the fun part of flying. Notice the following:

  1. Teamwork is one aspect of sports I really miss.

Vocabulary Quiz

coincidentally • multi-tasking • clone
depicted • aspect
  1. Busy people are good at .
  2. Mary was there, and so was Bill.
  3. Someday, it will be legal to people.
  4. Grammar is just one of learning a language.
  5. The movie the police as the bad guys.

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