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Robots and AI

Two people share their feelings about AI and the rise of robots.

Patricia: Hi, John.

John: Hey.

Patricia: Today we're talking about artificial intelligence or AI. Maybe getting into a little bit of robotics.

John: I like it.

Patricia: Just wanted to know your take on how you think this will change our society. The advancements that have been made so far in AI and robotics.

John: Well, I mean, already we've seen there's a huge push towards whether it's AI in think tanks or things of that nature to people just exploring the idea of AI in terms of writing their own books, poetry, art. AI that is painting. I think the possibilities are endless. We will see development and exploration into ideas and areas we've never even thought of. Think about the idea of an AI painter or sculptor. They can probably pull the knowledge of all the painters and artists of the world and come together to form some entirely new form of expressionism or something of that nature. The idea of AI in medicine. It can look at exploring different ways of doing things, things that humans have never thought of and because of the sheer speed at which computers can process and, for lack of a better word think, the potential for growth in this area I think is endless.

Patricia: Overall do you think these things will improve or worsen our society?

John: Well, like anything, I think it has a potential to do both. If we're not careful, it could lead to the corruption of minds, the abuse of these advancements to either oppress people or subjugate them. With the proper minds at the helm, this could serve to benefit humanity. If we have AI taking care of things like surgeries, exploration into dangerous areas, humans no longer need to endanger themselves to engage in exploration. These AIs can do the exploration for us, and we can benefit from what they find. That's not to say that humans can't still be exploring and expose themselves to all these amazing new things, it just means that we can take out some of that crazy level of danger and reduce that down so that humans can spend their time exploring other past times, other leisure activities to improve their minds, their bodies, their souls, however you want to put it.

Patricia: Interesting, very interesting ideas. If you could have AI or a robot to help you with something in your everyday life, what do you think you would want help with? What would you use a robot for?

John: What activities, tasks? Basically would be like a personal assistant. I would have somebody to help me organize my day, my activities. Help me stay on tasks, stay focused, take care of cleaning. I love cooking so I would probably still want to engage in some of that myself, but there may be days where I'm busy, so an AI whether it's in robot form or something like that, to take care of those tasks for me so that I can be more productive in the other areas of my life that need it would be fantastic.

Patricia: Yeah, I agree. I would love to have someone who could do chores around the house for me, like cleaning. Yeah, thanks for your ideas, John. It was awesome to talk to you.

John: Not a problem. I look forward to it, the next, sorry. I look forward to the next time we talk.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

take on


I want to know your take on how you think this will change our society.

Here, a person's take on something is their opinion about a topic. Notice the following:

  1. What is your take on pineapple pizza?
  2. I disagree with her take on social media.

corruption on the minds


It could lead to the corruption of minds.

The phrase 'corruption of the minds' refers to influencing people with harmful ideas. Notice the following:

  1. Social media can lead to corruption of the minds.
  2. Dictators rely on the corruption of the minds.

at the helm


With the proper minds at the helm, this could serve to benefit humanity.

The phrase 'at the helm' means to be in charge of something. It refers to being in charge of a ship. Notice the following:

  1. With Mary at the helm, I am confident we can succeed.
  2. We need new leadership. No one is at the helm.



Humans can spend their time exploring other pasttimes.

A pasttime is a hobby or leisure activity like reading or playing sports. Notice the following:

  1. People have less time for pasttimes these days.
  2. Gardening is a healthy pasttime.

personal assistant


I would like a personal assistant.

A personal assistant is a person that helps someone do various tasks such as chores and bureaucratic tasks. Notice the following:

  1. Most movies stars have a personal assistant.
  2. I want a personal assistant to help me do paper work.

take care of


Help me stay on tasks, stay focused, take care of cleaning.

Here, the phrase 'to take care of' means to do something, usually for another person. Notice the following:

  1. I am busy now. Can you take care of this for me?
  2. My wife takes care of all my banking and money issues.

Vocabulary Quiz

take on • corruption • at the helm
pasttime • personal assistant • take care of
  1. Extreme views can lead to of the minds.
  2. With Lamar , we are in good shape.
  3. Most CEOs have a .
  4. Watching movies is a common .
  5. If you are busy, I can that for you.
  6. What is your online learning?

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