Mixer #46 | Low-Intermediate 4

What is your favorite country?

Six people share a country they loved visiting.
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Akane, Canada
speakerOf all the countries you have visited, which one was your favorite? -- My favorite country to visit is Japan because I have many family members in Japan and every time I come here, everybody treats me really well and I have lots of great memories from when I was a child, spending time with my cousins and uncles and aunts.

Barbara, Australia
speakerOf all the countries I've visited, I would probably say my favorite is Japan because it's clean, safe, the food is healthy -- this is traditional Japanese food I mean -- and it's a place where I can make a living as an English teacher. I can't do that in Australia.

Jeff, Canada
speakerThe world's a big place, and I've been to a few of the countries in the world and maybe I can't pick one favorite coountry. It's too difficult but two or three of my favorites would be Japan and India and I like these two countries because they are very extreme. They are very foreign from my home country, Canada, and there's a lot of things that are different that I don't understand, that are very exotic and rare so I think India and Japan are my two favorite countries in the world.

Al, England
speakerMy favorite country is -- that I've visited -- is probably Spain because I'm not keen on Europe for vacation usually but I've been to Barcelona and Barcelona had everything that you could possibly want from a holiday destination, so Spain I think.

Ruth, England
speakerMy favorite country I've been to? That's a difficult question. I've been to lots of really nice countries but probably I would say Egypt because Egypt for me is really important because of the history of the country and I say some really important places when I went to Egypt. I saw the pyramids. I saw Mt. Sinai and climbed mount Sinai and so I think probably Egypt was my favorite because of the historical values and also because of the weather.

Simon, Canada
speakerWhat's my favorite country? My favorite country at the moment is probably Laos because it has everything what people sort of think old Asia is, you know, people with the bamboo hats, you know, livestock running to and fro, water buffaloes, dirt roads, you know, it's kind of like the romantic idea of old Asia.


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!



Every time I come here, everybody treats me really well.

We use the word treat to talk about how we behave towards someone. It can be positive or negative. Notice the following:

  1. He treats his girlfriend badly.
  2. We were treated well by the hotel staff.

make a living


It's a place where I can make a living as an English teacher.

To make a living means to earn enough money by working. Notiice the following:

  1. Every student must think about making a living after graduation.
  2. I hate my job! There must be a better way to make a living.

keen on


I'm not keen on Europe for vacation.

When we are 'keen on something' that means we like it. Notice the following:

  1. I'm not keen on Thai food. It's too spicy.
  2. My boyfriend's not keen on my new hairstyle, but I love it!.



In the countryside you have livestock running to and fro.

'Livestock' means farm animals such as pigs or chickens. Pets and animals found in nature are not livestock. Notice the following:

  1. Sometimes dogs are used to control livestock.
  2. Livestock can often block traffic on country roads.

to and fro


At the station there are people going to and fro.

People going 'to and fro' simply means people walking around. Notice the following:

  1. I love to have coffee at an outdoor cafe and watch people going to and fro.
  2. Heavy traffic and busy people going to and fro are part of city life.

Vocabulary Quiz

treats • make a living • keen on
livestock • to and fro
  1. It's really windy outside. Do you see the branches blowing .
  2. Our farm grows vegetable, but most of the money we make comes from selling .
  3. He isn't so sweets.
  4. I wish I could hanging out at the beach.
  5. I hate it when he me like a child.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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