Mixer #47 | Low-Intermediate 4

Happy Place

Six people share if they are happy where they are currently living.
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Anita, Taiwan
speakerAm I happy where I live now? I'm really happy where I live now. It's because my apartment is big and it's new. It's very comfortable. I can do whatever I want. The neighborhoods are good the people around is good and it actually is very convenient because there are many stores and restaurant around. I really like it.

Simon, Canada
speakerAm I happy where I live now? I would have to say "no". I'm not happy. I live next to a really busy street that has traffic twenty-four hours a day and a hospital just down the block so I hear sirens every day and it's in one of the busiest, and biggest cities in the world so I would have to say no. It's too busy and too loud and filled with pollution.

Al, England
speakerNo, I'm not happy where I live at all and I'm terrified to go home at night because of the prostitution and the drug abuse, crime, rats. We also have a big rat problem where I live so.

Mitchell, United States
speakerI am satisfied where I'm living now. I met a lot of nice people, especially now that I'm living in Japan and the culture is real different and the people are really nice and I enjoy entering onsen, which is hot springs, which is natural hot springs in the mountain and plus where I live is kind of countryside, so I enjoy that.

Ruth, England
speakerAm I happy? Yeah, I'm really happy. I really like that fact that my family are close by and that I have really good friends close by and I know my village is really small, but you know, it's very close knit and I like that. It's not always ideal because of the fact that there's not so much to do, but having said that, there are a lot of good places to go to within half-an-hours drive so really I'm quite fortunate.

Todd, The United States
speakerAm I happy? Yeah, I'm pretty happy. I mean the coolest thing is that there's a video store near my house. There's a bunch of restaurant's near my house. There's a park near my house. There's a gym not too far from my house, so it's pretty convenient. The only thing I don't like is neighbor next door plays his music way too loud, but besides that, it's a good place.


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

filled with


It's too busy and too loud and filled with pollution.

'Filled with' is an idiom we use to talk about a lot of something to the point that a space is full. Notice the following:

  1. The stadium was filled with football fans.
  2. The train to Marseille was filled with young travelers.



I'm not happy where I live because of the drug abuse.

When we 'abuse' something, we use it in a negative way or in excessive amounts. Notice the following:

  1. Alcohol abuse kills over 2 million people each year.
  2. Smoking, alcohol and drug abuse cost the US close to 5 billion dollars last year.

down the block


There is a hospital just down the block.

We use the phrase 'just down the block' to talk about a nearby place on the same road. Notice the following:

  1. There's a coffee shop just down the block.
  2. I live just down the block from my school.



I'm terrified to go home at night

When we are 'terrified' it means we are very scared or afraid of something:

  1. His boss is terrified of flying.
  2. I'm terrified of failing the exam.



There are a lot of good places within half-an-hours drive.

We use the word 'within' to talk about a period of time or a distance between the start and finish of something. Notice the following:

  1. Most students finish college within 4-5 years.
  2. My new iPad should arrive within a week.

Vocabulary Quiz

filled with • abuse • the block
terrified • within
  1. Many musicians have drug problems.
  2. We can walk there. The store is just down .
  3. I'm of high places, so rock climbing is not something I would like to try.
  4. There are about 20 coffee shops 3 miles of my house.
  5. Can we open a window? The room is smoke.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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