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Best Quality

Six people say are their best qualities.

Adrienne, The United States
speakerWhat are my best qualities? This is a difficult question for someone to answer I think, but I'll give it a shot. I think my best qualities are probably that I have a good sense of humor. I genuinely like people and I like talking to people and I like to be entertaining if i can possibly be.

Conrad, The United States
speakerWhat is my best quality? I'd say my best quality is my friendliness. I always try to be positive and polite and friendly to people who I meet, especially the first time and I try to continue that but regardless of who they are I try to give them, you know, treat them friendly. I enjoy being friendly, so it's not really work to me. It's just part of my personality.

Lisa, Canada
speakerWhat are my best qualities? My best qualities are the fact that I am a good friend. I'm considerate and caring. I'm a good listener. I can always... I'm always there to hear if my friends having a bad day or just really needs to talk, and I think I'm just really nice, even though I'm not always nice to everyone. To the people I really care and love, I will always put them into an important.... I will always make them very important in my life.

Phil, England
speakerSo what's my best quality? I think my best quality has to be the ability to laugh at myself. English humor is very much based around laughing at yourself and also laughing with others at themselves so my best quality definitely is that I can laugh at myself and with others when they laugh at me.

Simone, Sweden
speakerWhat's my best quality? I think it's that I'm very open minded so I always... I'm not afraid of new things, and nothing shocks me so I learn new things a lot that most people don't because they are too narrow minded, I think.

Chip, The United States
speakerOK, what are my best qualities? I guess the one that I think is the most important for me is to be curious. I want to find out new things, I want to go places. I want to have new experiences. I don't like to just sit around where I know everything because it stops being interesting and inspiring after awhile. I like to have new things happen to me and meet new people and that is what keeps me creative and I have fresh ideas that way.

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What are my best qualities?

"Qualities" are good and bad things about our behavior or personality. Here are some samples:

  1. He has a lot of good qualities, but being on time is not one of them.
  2. I don't have the qualities to be a good teacher. I'm too impatient.

give it a shot


I'll give it a shot.

When we want to try something and we are not sure we can do it, we "give it a shot". See the following examples:

  1. Bungy jumping looks dangerous, but let's give it a shot.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm strong enough, but I'll give it a shot.

Laugh at myself


It is important to have the ability to laugh at yourself.

To laugh at ourselves means not to get angry or serious when we do something wrong. Notice the following:

  1. I sometimes laugh at myself when I try to speak English.
  2. When he tried to use the chopsticks, he just laughed at himself.

open minded


I am very open minded.

To be open minded means to consider ideas that may be different from yours. Here are two examples:

  1. I hate talking about politics, but I'm very open minded.
  2. My grandfather is not very open minded. He has strong opinions about everything.

fresh ideas


I have fresh ideas.

When we have fresh ideas, we think of new ways to do things. Notice the samples:

  1. The sales team has some fresh ideas on how to market the new software.
  2. I've got some fresh ideas for the website.

Vocabulary Quiz

qualities • a shot • laugh at
open minded • fresh ideas
  1. She was much more when she was younger.
  2. I've never been skiing before, but I would like to give it .
  3. He has a lot of for fashion.
  4. If you don't learn to yourself, you will never try new things.
  5. His loyalty is one of his best .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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