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Worst Qaulities

Six people say what are their worst qualities.

Adrienne, The United States
speakerWhat are my worst qualities? Well, let's just stick with one for now cause the list could be very long if we did all of my worst qualities. I think one of my worst qualities is that often times I can be very stubborn, especially when I think I'm right, even when I'm not, so stubbornness definitely is one of my worst qualities.

Peter, Sweden
speakerMy worst quality would be that I don't have any patience at all. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. If I'm studying I want to quit it right away even before I start studying and also since I'm a musician I make music and when I make music I tend to create some kind of song and then right away I go to the next one before I even finish the last one.

Lisa, Canada
speakerWhat are my worst qualities? That's a pretty easy answer. My worst, absolute worst quality is procrastinating. I am a terrible procrastinator. I will wait to pack for a big vacation on the day of the trip, on the day that I leave. I remember is school, I used to wait to finish twenty page papers. I used to start twenty page papers two days before they were due. I am a terrible procrastinator.

Phil, England
speakerOK, what's my worst quality? My worst quality has to be my patience. Sometimes when I walking down the street, I get very frustrated by people walking slowly in front of me, or people riding their bicycles and sometimes they nearly hit me on street and I get very angry for no real reason so I think sometimes I'm very impatient.

Simone, Sweden
speakerWhat's my worst quality? I think it's I'm very messy. When I... like in my room for example, if I'm using something, I'm just leaving it there as it builds mountains of stuff everywhere. That's my worst quality. I never finish anything.

Chip, The United States
speakerWhat are my worst qualities? Well, sometimes I say I want to do a big project but then I realize, "Oh, wait a minute! You know what, I probably shouldn't have said anything because now everyone expects me to do it, and I don't have any choice." Probably I should just do it and then talk about it later, you know I have a bad habit of saying, "Gee, I think it will be a good idea if I did ABC" but then I think, "Oh, man, you know what, I don't think I'll be able to do that, at least now when I say I will, so it's a bad habit. I should just keep quiet and do it and then have everyone else talk about it.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

stick with


Let's just stick with one.

Adrienne has many bad qualities, but to stick with one means to talk about only one. Look at the samples below.

  1. There are many ways to make a polite question in English, but let's stick with one.
  2. The new marketing plan is good, but I think we should stick with the original one

right away


I want to quit right away.

To do something right away means to do it now. Notice the following:

  1. I'm not in shape. When I start jogging, I want to quit right away.
  2. Your mother called. She wants you to go home right away.



It happened two days before they were due.

When something is due it must be completed or submitted on or before a specific time or date. Here are two examples:

  1. The rent was due three days ago.
  2. The enrollment form has to be sent right away.

you know what?


You know what, I probably shouldn't have said anything.

We say "you know what" when we want talk about something we did or said that we might want to change. Notice the sample sentences:

  1. I asked if he had gained weight. You know what, that wasn't very polite.
  2. We had planned to go out tonight, but you know what, a DVD and pizza at home sounds great.

a bad habit


I have a bad habit of going to bed late.

A bad habit is something we do a lot that is not good for us. See the following examples below:

  1. I have a bad habit of interrupting people when they speak.
  2. My boss has a bad habit of forgetting her appointments.

Vocabulary Quiz

stick with • right away • due
know what• bad habit
  1. We have the of eating while watching television.
  2. I think we should just the original plan.
  3. You , I think you're actually right this time.
  4. The report is by three o'clock today.
  5. You need to go to the hospital . That cut looks bad.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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