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Public Transport

Listen to six people talk about if they use public transportation and why or why not.

Kat / Germany
speakerI don't use public transportation too often. When I still lived in my home town, it was just too small to have public transportation. Nowadays, I like to ride my car. I think public transportation is a great idea, but I really like the convenience of having my own vehicle.

Dani / England
speakerAll the time, especially here at the moment at the university, I always use the bus or the train or walk everywhere. I can't drive, so it's my only option really.

Shiloh / United States
speakerAt school, I use public transportation a lot to get from my home to my university. There's a regular bus service that runs between my house and my school, which is about five kilometers or so. But when I'm at home with my family in New Mexico, I don't use public transportation at all. I think that American public transportation is few and far between. it's not very well-funded, and it's not very good, unless you live in the city. Everybody has cars, so you don't really have a need for public transportation, because everybody is able to drive himself where they need to go.

Sarah / England
speakerPublic transport is something that I don't often use at all. Because I own a car, I normally just jump into the car and just drive wherever I need to go. The only time really that I go use public transport is when I'm traveling around London, because using the underground is a lot more easier than trying to drive through the busy roads.

Warren / Canada
speakerNot so much these days. I have a car now, and where I'm living, the bus system isn't very good and there's no train station right by me, so I tend to drive.

Tim / United States
speakerI don't use public transportation very often. It's not as common in America as it is in other countries. And I also own a car, so if I need to get anywhere, I just drive my own car, which is very convenient, because I can go wherever I want at whatever time I want without being dependent on a bus schedule or something like that.

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I had this gym craze.

When you have a craze, that means you have an obsession for something. You are crazy about it. People often have a craze for a food, a habit, a hobby or pastime. Notice the following:

  1. I went through a red wine craze a few years ago.
  2. Wearing tight jeans is the latest fashion craze.

bring on


Bring on the bacon.

The phrase "bring on" or "bring it on" means you want something to happen or come to you. It shows you are not afraid of something, when maybe you should be. Here are some examples:

  1. Bring on the final test. I am sure I will pass.
  2. There's one more cake we didn't eat. Bring it on!

I'm down with (I'm down for)


I'm down with fast food.

When you are down with something, that means you like it or support it. If you are not down with something, that means you do not support it or agree with it. Check the examples below:

  1. I am not down with the new work schedule. 6 a.m. is too early to start.
  2. I'm down with all these kids getting tatoos. It's their bodies and their life.

stick to


You should stick to a healthy diet.

When you stick to something, that means you follow it. You usually stick to something that has been planned in advance. If you do not stick to something, that means you change how you do it or stop doing it. Here are a few examples:

  1. The teacher never sticks to his lesson plan.
  2. Please stick to the seating chart and do not change seats.

every single


You don't have to count every single calorie.

The phrase "every single" is used to show emphasis. For example, the phrase "every single time" means the same as the phrase "every time". Single means one, or each individual item. Notice the following:

  1. He always says hello to every single customer in his store.
  2. Every single time I take this bus, I am late for work.

Vocabulary Quiz

nowadays • options • jump into
dependent on • few and far between
  1. Most children are their parents.
  2. I think that kids are spoiled.
  3. Let me the shower before we leave.
  4. Are there many on the menu?
  5. In the dessert gas stations are .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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