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News #17 Memory

News stories about memory, clothes, dogs, a bean bath, heart disease, and weather.

Good evening, and welcome to the ten o'clock news. The main news this evening:

A local man has won a European competition held in Italy in which participants recited pi. Norman Digit, from Tiree Close, managed to recite pi to 56,034 decimal places. His is due to enter the World Championships next spring.

Second hand clothes shops are becoming increasingly popular amongst young people, a recent survey shows. No longer is it unfashionable to wear used clothes, but rather, according to the survey, 76% of youngsters said it was 'cool'.

Residents are being asked to save bottle tops in an attempt to raise money for charity. The bottle tops can be taken to any bank in the city but the deadline is the end of January. All proceeds will go towards helping train guide dogs.

A man who has been sitting in a bath of baked beans for 6 days has finally come out. Mark Jelley, who decided to raise money for third world countries by doing this, said he was feeling 'tired and wrinkled' after the event.

Heart disease is on the up, according to local health officials. This year saw a 2% increase in the number of cases, and doctors are now thinking of new ways to combat this disease.

And now for the weather. Tomorrow is expected to be showery all day, with light winds at midday. In the afternoon, the sun should make an appearance, so we may see the odd rainbow. And that's all from us in the newsroom. Thank you for watching.

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