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News #19 Fire

News stories about recycling, the economy, a fire, health, coffee, and the weather.

Welcome to the ten o'clock news. Tonight's top stories:

Recycling is being encouraged in a new scheme in which people are paid for their recyclable waste. Anyone who takes a bottle or newspaper for recycling will be given 5 pence per item. Some people have dismissed the idea as 'stupid' and a 'waste of money'.

The economy is doing well at the moment. Stock markets have gone up with the 100 index hitting an all time high. Stocks are now 0.5% up from last week.

Three children have died in a house fire in the city centre. The children's parents tried to save them, but the smoke was too thick. Police are treating the incident as arson, as a petrol can was found nearby. Any witnesses are being urged to contact police.

Smokers are being warned to quit in an attempt to increase dental health. According to research the sooner people quit smoking, the better the chances of them not needing false teeth in later life.

Coffee has been voted as the nation's favourite drink. People aged 10-100 were asked in a random sample between January and June this year. Water came a close second in the survey by The Drink Company, based in the city.

The weather for tomorrow looks to be cold, I'm afraid. Forecasters say to expect snow in the north and east of the country, so be careful of slippery roads. The snow is expected to settle and stay for a few days. That's all for now. See you tomorrow.

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