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News #20 Insects

News stories about insects, gambling, a shark, school, fireworks, and the weather.

Good evening, and welcome to the ten o'clock news. The top stories tonight are:

Residents are being asked to clean their carpets this week after a new carpet mite was discovered as the cause of a mystery flu-like illness. Three children are currently in hospital. For more information contact your local health authority.

The legal age for gambling is under review. The government wants to change it to twenty-one in order to deter young people from gambling. More as soon as we hear.

A shark has been discovered off St John's Bay. The shark, which appears to be quite friendly towards humans, was spotted by children playing in the sea. Undeterred by their screams, the shark continued swimming around and seemed to pose no immediate threat. Still, be careful please!

There has been a nationwide ban on chains worn by young people. The chains, which usually hang from peoples' trousers, are seen as threatening, and, according to recent statistics, are often used to bully people.

There will be a firework display from the top of Hope Hill on Friday night to commemorate the birth of the queen's new grandson. It is hoped that there will be a big turnout.

And now for the weather. Tomorrow will be sunny and bright with possible light showers towards the evening, but generally warm with temperatures averaging 19 degrees.

Thank you for watching and see you tomorrow.

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