SixPix #2 | High Beginner - A2

To the Station

Listen to four ways to get to the station.

OK, you can take a taxi to the station. That's very fast. It only takes about four minutes by taxi to the station, but you have to call and get the taxi to come here and usually it takes about twenty minutes for the taxi to come to my house so it takes awhile, but when the taxi gets here, it's only four minutes to the station. Also, it's a little expensive.

OK, you can take the scooter. The scooter is very convenient to go to the station. It only takes five minutes. But there is one problem. The scooter has no gas. Sorry, so you have to walk to the gas station - that's ten minutes away - buy some gas and walk back, put it in the scooter. Then you can go to the station. Sorry. That's the only way you can take the scooter.

OK, you can take the bike to the station. It's only ten minutes from my house to the station by bike, but the bike has no air in the tires, so you have to go the gas station first and put air in the tires. One problem - the gas station is the opposite direction of the train station, so you have to walk ten minutes to the gas station, put air in the tires, and then from the gas station to the train station, it's about a twelve minute bike ride, so I don't know if that will save you time. Sorry.

OK, you can walk to the train station, but it's very far. I'm so sorry. Very, very far. From my house to the train station, it will take about twenty minutes by foot, and it's not a very pretty walk, but you know, I don't know what to say. It's twenty minutes by foot from my house to the train station, so that's one way you can go if you like walking.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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