SixPix #3 | High Beginner - A2

Mountain Race

Listen to the details of a mountain race.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the King of the Hill Adventure Race. Today, you will see some of the most fit people in the world and they try to cross a lake, navigate a forest, and climb and icy mountain. To win the race, the contestants must be the first to reach the top of the mountain and plant their flag.

At the start of the race, contestants must cross Lake Aqua in a small canoe. But there is a catch. The contestants must cross the lake in pairs. Each canoe must take two people across the lake. Contestants must work together to decide who goes with who. This part of the race takes not only strength and canoeing skills, but teamwork and people skills as well.

When contestants reach The other side of the lake they are then on their own. Contestants split up to navigate the forest and reach the mountain on the other side. The forest is dark and thick and hard to navigate so it is easy to get lost in. If that wasn't enough, rumor has it that it is also full of Grizzly Bears.

Once contestants reach the other side of the forest, they must prepare for the climb up the mountain. Here, contestants must change into warm clothing and mountain gear and they get ready for their difficult climb to the top of the mountain.

As the contestants ascend the mountain, the terrain will change quickly. Rock will turn into snow and snow will turn into ice. Quickly, the mountain will become very steep and soon the contestants will be faced with an ice cliff that is straight up.

At the top of the mountain, to win the race, the contestants must plant a flag that can be seen from below. Each contestant has a special color flag that they must plant in the ice at the top of the mountain to signify they are the winners in the race and the new King of the Hill.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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