SixPix #51 | Low Intermediate 4 / B1

Gym Instructor

Listen to a gym instructor talk to a new member to the fitness club about the gym's equipment.

Member: Hi, are you the gym instructor?

Instructor: Yes, I am. What can I help you with?

Member: I'm very new to this gym and I would like to know what these machines are? What about this one?

Instructor: This machine over here is called the leg press. Now, what you're going to do is you sit down on the seat, with your back flat against the back rest, and you put your legs on this metal board and you simply push up, and be careful not to do much weight.

Member: Oh, OK. So what is this one?

Instructor: This machine over here is called the lat pulldown. Now it works your back, specifically the sides and your shoulder blades, and your simply just gonna sit down on the seat and your gonna grab the pulldown bar and you're gonna pull it down straight to your chest, and then release it back slowly.

Member: Alright cool! Maybe because I'm new. I'm just starting, maybe I should just start with cardio. What is this?

Instructor: Well, if you want to start with cardio, one thing I would recommend are the treadmills. If you come over here with me, you'll see that there's a couple treadmills over here. The treadmills are good for walking, running, and in between jogging.

Member: All right. What is this?

Instructor: Well, this is called a stair master. The reason it's called a stair master is because it simulates an exercise running up stairs. So what you do, is you simply get on these two pedals and you move your legs up and down as if you were climbing up stairs. And the machine has different levels: faster ... slower ... different levels of consistency.

Member: All right, cool. Oh, I was looking at the brochure and it said you guys have spin class. Can you explain what that is? You guys have like yoga classes and Pilates and ...

Instructor: Absolutely. We have all of those. Our spinning class is our most popular class. We have this class three times a week, and you get on the stationary bikes and you're doing ... you're pedaling the bikes, and you work with an instructor and class are usually from fifteen to twenty-five minutes long.

Member: Oh, cool! Oh, and one thing I wanted to ask. My doctor has been recommending me to take aqua-aerobics. Do you guys have that type of class?

Instructor: We do actually. In the other side of the gym we have a pool, and three times a week we have aqua-aerobics class, and they're very good for people with injuries as the water provides perfect resistance.

Member: Wow! Thank you very much.

Instructor: You're absolutely very welcome.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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