SixPix #53 | Low Intermediate 4 / B1

Campus Transport

Learn the rules for vehicles and transportation at a university.

Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming to campus orientation today. I'm going to be talking to you about the parking situation here at campus.

If you choose to ride your bike to campus, a pass for the bike parking lot will cost you ten dollars. It's up in the northwest of campus, just across from the bus stop. If you do ride a bike to campus, please always be sure to wear a helmut.

If you'd like to car pool, there is a free parking lot that you can use as long as you come with at least three people in the car. It's right next to the motorcycle and bike parking lot so please be careful of other people parking there.

If you are a single driver and you'd like to drive in your car, then you can purchase a single driver car parking permit for forty dollars. The car park in this situation is three blocks from campus, right next to the train station.

If you drive a motorcycle, then you can purchase a pass for forty dollars. The motorcycle car park is right behind the bike lot. You must wear a helmut if you drive via motorbike and you must also possess a driver's license.

If you choose to come to campus by bus, you can purchase a bus pass for twenty five dollars. The bus drops you off in front of campus just near the library in the bike parking lot. You can also get a bus to the train station and to the single driver's parking lot.

Lastly, we encourage everyone to walk to campus. If you're coming from the train station, it is within walking distance. However if you are walking at night, it can be a little dangerous so we encourage everyone to take the bus if you are coming at night.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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