SixPix #54 | Low Intermediate 4 / B1

How to Make Nabe

MJ tells Mike how to make nabe, a soup-like dish that is popular in Japan.

Michael: Hey, MJ, I heard you're really good at making nabe, and I'm having a nabe party at my place, so how do I make it.

MJ: First of all, you need six ingredients, for making nabe, and the first of them, the most important is the sauce, and theer's two kinds: one is kimchi sauce and the second one is a sauce made by pig.

Michael: You mean the oil, the lard?

MJ: Yeah, lard.

Michael: OK. So, two sauces. What else?

MJ: And you also need tofu.

Michael: What kind of tofu?

MJ: Any kind is good but there is a kind for nabe only, so you can find it when you go to grocery store.

Michael: Is it yellowish or brownish or is it white?

MJ: It's white.

Michael: OK, OK. I got it.

MJ: And you also need beef.

Michael: What kind of beef is good?

MJ: I personally prefer the beef that is really sliced beef.

Michael: The thin ones?

MJ: Yeah, thin ones.

Michael: But those are expensive right?

MJ: Yeah, but too make a good nabe, you really need that one.

Michael: OK.

MJ: And you also need cabbage.

Michael: Cabbage. Right.

MJ: And then lettuce.

Michael: Lettuce. So, cabbage and lettuce?

MJ: Yes.

Michael: So, you said about cabbage and lettuce, what about other vegetables?

MJ: You can put as many vegetables as you want, but lettuce and cabbage are the most important for the nabe that's why I told you. And you can also put some other vegetables like carrot, onion, and any kind.

Michael: And that's it?

MJ: Yeah, I told you about the mushroom right?

Michael: Oh, no actually, what kind of mushrooms?

MJ: Mushrooms, the bigger one you put, then the taste is gonna be more good, but small one is OK too so any kind of mushroom will make your taste better, the nabe taste better.

Michael: So, OK, the soup stock and the mushroom makes the taste better.

MJ: Yeah.

Michael: OK, thank you.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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