SixPix #56 | Low Intermediate 4 / B1

Hot Spots for Meeting People

Six people talk about places that are good for meeing new people.

Hana, Australia
I think a good place to meet people is restaurants and cafes because everybody is sitting down at a table, and that way you can talk to the people around you and you're not always moving around, so that you can talk to the person next to you for awhile and really get to know them.

Diego, Mexico
I think a good place to meet people is in a public transportation: trains, buses, planes because these are people who are coming and going to the same destination that you are going and going, coming from and going to, so yeah, transportation, vehicles, are a really good way to meet people.

Lia, Indonesia
I would say a good place to meet people is in school because you know that basically they are students, or they come from academic background, so you can learn new things, you can have new information from them, but you feel safe because they are in the same school with you, so you don't have to worry about bad people or people who have bad behavior or something.

Tom, U.K.
My aunt is always saying that she likes to meet people in art galleries. She is the kind of person who can talk to anybody, and if you're standing in front of a picture, it gives you something to start talking about.

Christophe, Belgium
I think if you meet new people, then it's really more interesting to meet the new people at a fun place, for example, to meet at the zoo, because if you meet then, then you can visit the zoo and watch all the animals: the tigers, the monkeys, the birds. That's I think a good place to meet new people.

Crystal, the United States
Well, maybe when I was a kid, I guess the playground. In high school, I guess school is the best place, and a campus for college, and right now at my workplace I tend to meet a lot of people these days.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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