SixPix #57 | Low Intermediate 4 ( B1)

Dating Game

Six people talks about the type of person they like to date.

Hi, my name is Sue. First of all, what I'm not looking for is a guy who justs wants to got to restaurants and watch movies and all that stuff. I find it really boring. What I'm really looking for is a guy that I can go out on adventures with. I love camping and being outdoors Just getting in my SUV and driving across the country, so if you're the kind of guy who likes that, I think you should give me a call.

Hi, this is Ben. I'm looking for a girl who's really into sports.I'm a big fan of soccer, and I really enjoy going to watch soccer and even to play soccer. That's my favorite game, so I'm looking for a girl who would do all over kinds of sports as well, of course, and also to follow me to the stadium to watch this big games. I really like the big games' atmosphere.

Hi, my name is Beth, and I am looking for a guy that is very loyal to me, and I have to say that I hate guys that just go clubbing with his friends, and just leave their girlfriends at home and come home at night, do whatever they want to do. I just want a guy that comes home to me and spends a whole day with me inside the house maybe looking through the stamp collections I have.

Hi, girls, my name is Matthew, and my favorite thing to do is collecting coins. I don't want a girl who's athletic or a girl that's really pretty. I just want a girl that can spend immense amount of time on the internet with me looking for the most rare coins in the world, and if I can find a girl that would actually take her time to do that type of thing with me, I would be so happy.

Hello, this is Mary. I am looking for a guy who is active, and as I love outdoor activities like during the summer I love scuba diving, surfing, and usually I love to do the hiking, and I need a guy who can help me to do and to support to do those kind of activities.

Hello, my name is Carlos, and I'm looking for someone that I can go to restaurants with, and maybe go dancing and go watch a movie. I'm your average kind of guy, your next door neighbor and I'm a pretty average person, so I just want someone who's down-to-earth that I can take for a nice dinner, candle-lights, and read a book with, talk about everything pretty much. And I love to travel so, definitely someone who's up for a little adventure.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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