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Talks #26 | Intermediate B1

Going to Canada

Listen to young man's plans to visit Canada.

Free Worksheet (PDF)

Answer the following questions about the interview.

I always wanted to travel around the world and see the world and connect with different people from different places.

Fortunately for me, I've gotten an opportunity to travel out of my home country for the first time this year. I will be traveling to Canada later in the year to pursue my postgraduate degree. And for me, this is not just a study opportunity. It is an opportunity to see the world and connect with many different people and get to learn different ways of life. When I do visit Canada later this year, I will use the opportunity to explore different places and learn many new things. Overall, I look forward to an exciting and fulfilling trip when I do visit Canada later this year.

Instructions: Play the audio and fill in the missing words.

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