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Practive English listening by playing a Game Show type activity.
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Discovering Language with Six Pix on

For students who are learning English, there's a fun activity they can try called "Six Pix" on the website This activity can help students get better at listening and understand different accents. It also lets them learn about people and cultures from all around the world.

Listening is Important

Listening is a big part of learning a language. In the Six Pix activity, students listen to short audio clips and match them with pictures. This helps students practice understanding what they hear and figuring out the main ideas and details.

Hearing Different Accents

The Six Pix activity is interesting because it has people speaking with different accents. These accents come from many places like North America, Europe, and Asia. Students can learn to understand these accents better, and they can learn more about the people and their cultures.

Learning About Cultures

When students learn a language, they also learn about the people who speak that language. In Six Pix, students can learn a bit about different cultures. The audio clips talk about everyday things, traditions, and stories from different parts of the world. This helps students know more about how people live in other places.

How to Play Six Pix

Students can play Six Pix easily:

  1. Start the Video: Go to the Six Pix page on and click on the video to start it.

  2. Six Parts: The video has six parts. Each part has a different audio clip.

  3. Matching Pictures: In each part, there is a picture that goes with the audio. Students need to guess which picture matches the audio.

  4. Make a Guess: Before the right picture is shown, students can make a guess about which picture is right. It's like being on a TV game show!

  5. Listening for the Main Idea: Students can practice listening to understand the main point of each audio clip. This helps them quickly get what the talk is about.

  6. Easy Descriptions: The audio clips use simple words to describe the pictures. This helps students learn new words and understand better.

Trying out Six Pix is a fun way for students to get better at listening, learn about different accents, and find out more about cultures around the world. Learning a language is not just learning words - it's about connecting with people and their stories. Students can start their Six Pix adventure today and enjoy learning about language and culture in each audio clip.

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