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Sound Grammar

Learn grammar by watching short animations in English.
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What is Sound Grammar?

Sound Grammar is a collection of over 100 lessons designed to help students learn English grammar in a fun and practical way. Each lesson focuses on a specific grammar point.

Most animations are about one minute long, so students can hear multiple examples of various grammar points in a short period of time.

Why is Sound Grammar a good way to learn English?

Grammar is a big part of most English language courses and curriculums, yet most materials do not give much practice listening to grammar points in conversation. Sound Grammar lessons were created to provide teachers and students with extra practice, so students have numerous chances to learn the grammar. Teachers and students can use these free lessons as a supplement or substitute to traditional course materials.

Why are the English lessons free?

Students and teachers often lack resources to buy commercial materials to teach or supplement various language points, so Sound Grammar was designed to provide free course materials so teachers and students can access an abundance of high-quality, interactive materials regardless of their financial situation.

Free Book and Worksheets

All of the lessons come with a printable worksheet that teachers can use as in-class materials, self-study lessons, or homework assignments for students. There is a course book with all the worksheets for each level: A1, A2, B1, and B2. Each printable lesson has a QR code that lets students access the video on a smartphone.

For what English level are the lessons designed?

These lessons are categorized into various levels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1), so students can study grammar that is typically taught at their level. The lessons are also a great way for students in higher levels to review grammar points they have not mastered, as well as let beginner students preview more advanced structures.

Students and teachers can also browse the lesson lists for grammar points that they may not know, or have not taught.

Go Native

Most native speakers have excellent command of their language's spoken grammar, yet they never learned it from a book. Instead, as children, they heard the grammar used again and again in conversation. Nearly every person in the world learns their first language this way. Sound Grammar helps students learn grammar by letting them hear it first, just like they did in their mother tongue. Students can hear the grammar in specially written dialogues and watch a short animation to reinforce meaning.

The conversations are carefully written to represent naturally spoken English. Also, the conversations cover a wide variety of situations, so students can hear the language in various situations.

Frictionless Access

ELLLO is a firm believer in frictionless access, which means students can access the content free of charge without having to log in or create an account. With a web link, students can freely access any lesson. With the free worksheets and course books, students can simply open a QR code on their phone and instantly access the lesson audio or video - hence frictionless access.

How to study English with Sound Grammar

Sound Grammar lessons provide a structured learning experience:

1) Listen for Fun

For the first listening, students should just watch the animations and notice how the language is used in context.

2) Take a Quiz

In the second listening, students can take a short interactive quiz to check their listening comprehension.

3) Listen and Read

For the third listening, students can read along with the audio to strengthen they comprehension.

4) Learn the Grammar

Students can read the shor, but concise, explanations of the main points related to the grammar.

Exciting Bonus Activities

Certain lessons feature additional activities, such as Gap-Fill activities, which works as a game to facilitate further practice.

Convenience Anywhere You Go

Sound Grammar can be conveniently accessed on computers, tablets, or phones. As a result, students can learn regardless of their location.

Students can listen to over 100 Sound Grammar lessons here.

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos

One Minute English Videos