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Vocabulary Quiz
autobahn • adrenaline • demon
residential • bump
  1. If you drive fast over a speed , you can hurt your car .
  2. The has both a fast and slow lane.
  3. I get an rush when surfing.
  4. He lives in a quiet area.
  5. He rides his motorcyle like a speed . He better slow down.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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1172 Road Regulations

Nathan talks with Julia about road regulations and rules for drivers.

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I've been a passenger on the autobahns.

An autobahn is an expressway for cars in Germany where cars can drive really fast. Notice the following:

  1. Like Germany, Switzerland and Austria have autobahns.
  2. There is no speed limit on the autobahns, but there are few accidents.

adrenaline freak


Is that because you're an adrenaline freak?

Adrenaline is a chemical in your body you produce when stressed or excited. An adrenaline freak loves the feeling of adrenaline, so they love adventurous and dangerous activities. Notice the following:

  1. People who like sky-diving are usually adrenaline freaks.
  2. Young men tend to be more adrenaline freaks than old men.

speed demon


Is that because you're a speed demon?

A speed demon is someone who loves to ride or drive really fast. Notice the following:

  1. He is a speed demon on his motorcycle.
  2. Most combat pilots are speed demons.

residential area


You should drive slow in a residential area.

A residential area is an area with lots of housing. Notice the following:

  1. He lives in a quiet residential area.
  2. I like that residential area because it is not far from the downtown area.

speed bumps


Those speed bumps force you to slow down.

A speed bump is a small bump on the road that makes cars drive slowly. Notice the following:

  1. There are many speed bumps near the school.
  2. The parking lot has speed bumps so drivers drive slowly.