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Vocabulary Quiz
portion • to do list • possessions
the return • a huge mansion
  1. I try to live without lots of major .
  2. You can have a of my cake if you want.
  3. That would be awesome to live in .
  4. When she sold her house was huge -- she made about $50,000.
  5. Today I'm spending all day on my .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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a portion

I would take a portion of that money and put it into savings.

A portion is a part or a piece of the whole. Note the samples.

  1. I'll take a very small portion of ice cream please.
  2. I'm only going to take a portion of the exercise class because I have to leave early.

to do list

I would do everything on my to do list.

A "to do" list is a checklist of things that you have written down to help you remember what you need to do. Here are two samples.

  1. My to do list just keeps gettting bigger.
  2. I keep my to do list right in my phone.


I don't have the need to have any special large possessions such as a house or expensive car.

Possessions are things that you have or things that you own. Notice the following.

  1. People who have kids tend to have more possessions than single people.
  2. Sometimes I want to just get rid of my possessions and live in the mountains.

the return

The return would probably be three or four percent

A return is interest or money that you earn on an investment. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. The return on my savings account is really low, only 1% percet.
  2. He put a lot of money into his business and it gave him a huge return.

a huge mansion

I might buy a huge mansion but I wouldn't be renting anymore.

A mansion is a very, very large expensive house. Notice the following.

  1. Most Hollywood stars have a mansion and sometimes more than two or three.
  2. A vacation in a mansion would be fun but living there everyday would get boring.

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