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Vocabulary Quiz
Thank goodness • gross • plot
against the grain • on my toes
  1. When I take my son to work, I need to be and watch him always.
  2. Having a child, then getting married goes of family tradition.
  3. it will rain soon. We need the water.
  4. I saw a cat kill a bird. It was .
  5. The was diffucult to follow so I stopped reading the book.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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Thank goodness!

I don't have to go dating so I don't have to see these movies. Thank goodness!

Thank goodness is a slightly softer way to say Thank God. It is usually to express happiness about a situation. Note the samples.

  1. I finally graduated. Thank goodness!
  2. Thank goodness we won't have to do that again.


I like scary movies, but not the gross blood vampires, monsters, spattering everywhere type.

Gross is another word for disgusting. Things that look bad, smell bad, or taste bad are gross. Here are two samples.

  1. I know worms are harmless, but they are so slimy and gross.
  2. He doesn't wash his hands after he used the bathroom. That's so gross!


Action movies often have the same old plot.

The plot of a movie or a book is the story or the action. Notice the following.

  1. The plot of this movie is so boring.
  2. Whoever wrote this plot must be a genius. It is so unique!

go against the grain

I usually like movies which go against the grain and maybe combine different genres.

When something goes against the grain, it means that it does the opposite of what you expect. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. When rock and roll started in the 1950s, it really when against the grain of the other popular genres of the time.
  2. I like to go against the grain and not wear what is in fashion at the time.

on your toes

There's a little romance, some suspense, some violence and you are always kept on your toes.

If something keeps you on your toes, it means that it is full of surprises and you have to be ready for anything. Notice the following.

  1. She keeps me on my toes because she is always joking.
  2. Young children keep you on your toes because you always have to watch them.

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