Beginner English | Basic Grammar

When do you eat dinner?

John and Sarah talk about food and what they usually do in the evening.

John: Do you always have dinner at a different time, too?

Sarah: No. I almost always eat dinner around 6 o'clock. How about you? When do you eat dinner?

John: My dinner time varies a lot just like my breakfast. So maybe I eat dinner later than most people. I think I would have dinner at 7:00 PM at the earliest. But sometimes, I will have dinner as late as 9 o'clock at night.

Sarah: Really?

John: Yeah. I don't mind it. I really like cooking so, if I'm cooking a short thing, I'll have dinner earlier. But I don't mind if it takes two hours to cook something really good, I'll eat later at night.

Sarah: Wow. Can you tell me about your work routine? What time do you usually go to work?

John: See, my work schedule is different everyday. That's why I wake up at a different time everyday. Maybe on – for example, some weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I start work at 7:00. But on Thursday and Friday, I don't start work until 11:30.

Sarah: Ah.

John: How about you? Do you have a different work time sometimes?

Sarah: Well, right now, I'm on maternity leave. So I stay home and take care of my new baby.

John: Oh, congratulations.

Sarah: Thank you. I try to work at home a little bit everyday though. If the kids are sleeping or they're playing quietly, I try to do some work. Maybe around 2 o'clock, I can usually get some work done because the kids are sleeping.

John: Oh, if you don't start getting some work done until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, you must be very busy every morning.

Sarah: Yeah. I usually go to the grocery store. Sometimes I take the kids to the park around 10:00 in the morning. I often do the laundry or wash the dishes, and then as soon as the dishes are washed, it's time to make lunch. So I'm busy all day.

John: I see. So that's why your lunch time can change so much.

Sarah: Yeah.

John: Oh, it sounds like a busy day.

Days and Time

Time Words

  • 2:00 | 2:15 | 2:30 | 2:45
  • at 7 P.M.
  • at 9 o'clock
  • around 10:00
  • until 11:30

Days of the Week

  • Monday | on Monday
  • Tuesday | on Tuesday
  • Wednesday | on Wednesday
  • Thursday | on Thursday
  • Friday | on Friday
  • Saturday | on Saturday
  • Sunday | on Sunday

Parts of the Day

  • morning | in the morning
  • noon | at noon
  • afternoon | in the afternoon
  • evening | in the evening
  • night | at night
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Grammar Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
at • until • in • noon • midnight • on
  1. Let meet 9 P.M.
  2. I eat lunch at .
  3. I am in bed by .
  4. See you the morning.
  5. Are you free Sunday?
  6. The meeting is not 3 o'clock.