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Have you ever grown your own vegetables?

Hi, my name is Julia, I'm from the UK and my question is have you ever grown your own vegetables?

Well, until recently I've always lived in an apartment so I never had a garden but just a couple of months ago I moved to a house where I do have my own garden and so, yes, for the first time I've begun growing my own vegetables and I have there some carrots, some burdock and some beans and some cucumbers and some herbs. And, actually, the herbs are the thing that give me the most pleasure because I can use them every day, and I can cook. The vegetables I'm still waiting for and it's a little bit stressful because I don't know if they're going to survive. There was a big rainstorm and a lot of things got damaged and it's quite stressful, but hopefully my garden will yield vegetables very soon.

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