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Adverbs of Degree

Read and listen to four conversations using adverbs of degree.

Conversation 1

Man: I see you got a new phone.
Woman: Yeah, I just got it yesterday.
Man: How is it?
Woman: Great. It is better than my last phone. It is also lighter.
Man: How's the camera? Does it take better pictures?
Woman: Yes. The pictures are great. The images are brighter and sharper. Much prettier than before.
Man: Sounds great. I should get a new phone as well.
Woman: Well, if you do buy it online, it's cheaper.
Man: Good advice. I think I'll do that.

Conversation 2

Man: How is your online class going?
Woman: Good. It's better than I expected.
Man: Oh, I'm happy to hear that.
Woman: Yeah, it's more convenient to study at home and it is also more relaxing.
Man: How so?
Woman: Well, I don't have to get dressed or go sit at a desk.
Man: Plus you can get up later.
Woman: Yes. That is a big advantage. However, it's more interesting to study with people in class.
Man: Yeah, for some, I suppose. But not everyone.

Conversation 3

Man: So do you prefer cats or dogs?
Woman: I prefer dogs. They're much more playful.
Man: That may be true, but cats are cheaper. They don't eat as much as dogs.
Woman: That is true. Dogs eat a lot, so they usually are more expensive. However, smaller dogs don't eat so much.
Man: Also, cats are easier to take care of. Dogs are more demanding
Woman: Usually. Plus you don't have to walk cats.
Man: I want a dog actually, but I need a bigger place if I get one.
Woman: You would. Your place is too small.

Conversation 4

Man: What do you usually do for dinner?
Woman: I usually cook at home. I never go out.
Man: Really? I never cook. I always eat out.
Woman: You should cook more. It's much healthier and cheaper
Man: Maybe, but eating out is more convenient and it's easier.
Woman: Not always. Plus, it is much more expensive to eat out all the time. Cooking is much cheaper.
Man: Not for me. When I buy groceries, I always end up wasting it. Plus cooking is more stressful. It is more relaxing to eat in a restaurant
Woman: Maybe, but cooking is more enjoyable. I could never eat out every night. I.

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Point 1: Adverbs of degree are used to help express the intensity or extent of something.
  1. The bus stop is quite far away.
  2. My bag was almost too heavy.
  3. Her driving is too fast for me.
Point 2: They are usually placed before the adjective, verb, or other adverb they are trying to emphasise.
  1. The wind is really strong tonight.
  2. He can't jump very high.
  3. She is fairly scared of dogs.
Point 3: Adverbs of degree can be multiword phrases.
  1. The test was kind of fun.
  2. The game was sort of boring.
  3. His English was a little hard to understand.
Point 4: Adverbs of degree can very in intensity or degree.
  1. The test was extremely hard.
  2. The test was kind of hard.
  3. The test is not that hard.
  4. The test was not hard.
  5. The test was not hard at all.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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