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May / Might

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: Where is Sue? She is not in class today.
Woman: She may have a game. She is on the basketball team.
Man: No, that can’t be it, the season is over. Maybe she is sick.
Woman: She might be sick. She looked tired yesterday.
Man: That might be it. I’ll call her and see if she’s OK.
Woman: No, don’t do that. She might be sleeping.
Man: You’re right. I will wait for her to contact us.
Woman: Who knows? She might come today, she may just be late.

Conversation 2

Man: When will you retire?
Woman: I might retire next year.
Man: Really? So soon! What will you do after you retire?
Woman: I will probably travel. I love travelling.
Man: That sounds fun. Where will you go?
Woman: I’ll probably go to Europe, but I may go to Asia.
Man: Well, you will have lots of time. You can do both.
Woman: You’re right. I might do both.
Man: What about hobbies? I know you like to play golf.
Woman: I probably won’t play golf that much. It’s too expensive.

Conversation 3

Man: The mall is so crowded today. I cannot find parking.
Woman: I know! It’s full. There might be a sale at the department store.
Man: Maybe, or there might be a special event.
Woman: Perhaps. What could it be?
Man: There might be a concert or festival.
Woman: That could be it. I didn’t hear anything on the news, though.
Man: Well, there might not be any parking for a while. Should we go home?
Woman: No, let’s wait. A space might open up soon.
Man: Look! Here comes someone. They might be leaving.
Woman: They may be. Let’s see if they leave.

Conversation 4

Man: Where are the kids?
Woman: No one is home yet. They may not come home for dinner.
Man: How come? Where is Jason?
Woman: I think he’s with his friends. They might be at the mall.
Man: What about Melanie?
Woman: She’s not home yet. She might still be at school.
Man: Well, I’m hungry. Let’s eat without them.
Woman: No, let’s wait a little longer. They might be home soon.
Man: OK, but not too much longer.

Modals of Probability - Grammar Notes

Point 1: Use will to show something is expected to come true.

(Q) Where will you go for vacation?
(A) I will go to Spain.
(N) I won’t go to Madrid, though.

(Q) Will you go to Barcelona?
(A) I will surely go there.
(N) I won’t have time.

Point 2: Use might for something that could happen.

(Q) Where will you go for vacation?
(A) I might go to France.
(N) I might not, though.

(Q) Will you see Sue in Paris?
(A) I might.
(N) I might not.

Point 3: Use may for something that could happen.

(Q) What will you do tonight?
(A) I may just stay home.
(N) I may not do anything.

(Q) Will you be home tomorrow?
(A) I may.
(N) I may not.

Point 4: Use will probably for something that is likely to happen.

(Q) What will you have for dinner?
(A) I’ll probably have chicken.
(N) I probably won’t eat.

(Q) Will you have time to see me?
(A) I probably will.
(N) I probably won’t.

Answer these questions about the interview.

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