Beginner English Grammar (A2) Lesson 13 of 25


Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: How is the weather in your area?
Woman: Not great. It snows a lot in winter, so it gets really cold. There is lots of ice
on the streets, so it is hard to drive.
Man: What about the spring?
Woman: The spring is not much better. It rains a lot, and it is really windy.
Man: Well, what about summer and fall?
Woman: The fall is really pretty, actually. The weather is cool, and the trees change colors, so it is really beautiful.
Man: How about summer?
Woman: Summer is not too bad, but it gets really hot, and we have lots of insects. It does not rain much though, so summer is great for being outside.

Conversation 2

Woman: What is the weather like in your area?
Man: It’s pretty good. It’s usually sunny, so you can be outdoors most of the year.
Woman: Do you have cold winters?
Man: No, it never gets that cold, and it never snows.
Woman: What is your worst season?
Man: Summer can be bad. We have thunderstorms, and it gets really hot.
Woman: I like thunderstorms. I think they are fun!
Man: They are sometimes, but sometimes it rains really hard, and we have lighting
and flooding, so it’s a little dangerous.
Woman: What about the spring and fall?
Man: Both seasons are perfect! The spring is warm and the fall is cool, and it never rains then.

Conversation 3

Woman: Do you like your school?
Man: Yes, the teachers are nice, and the campus is really pretty.
Woman: How are your classes?
Man: They are a little difficult, but they are mostly interesting.
Woman: What is your favorite class?
Man: My favorite class is my Spanish class because I love learning languages, and the teacher is really funny.
Woman: What is your least favorite class?
Man: History. I do not like to read very much, and the class requires a lot of reading. Plus, the teacher is strict, and he gives a lot of homework.
Woman: Yeah, that does not sound fun!

Conversation 4

Man: How was the new Thai restaurant?
Woman: It was good, but the prices were a little expensive.
Man: How was the food? What did you have?
Woman: I had the Thai soup. It was really good, but it was a little spicy.
Man: Did you need a reservation?
Woman: No, we went early, so the restaurant was not full.
Man: How was the service?
Woman: It was really good. Our waiter was really nice. The service was excellent, so I gave him a big tip.

Basic Connectors

The four most common connectors in English are as follows:

and - This word connects words, phrases or clauses with similar ideas.

I play tennis, and I coach soccer.
I like sports, and I like cooking.
I speak Spanish, and I speak German.

but - This word connects words, phrases or clauses with different ideas.

I can drive, but I don’t have a car.
I like golf, but I can’t play well.
I live in Thailand, but I can’t speak Thai.

so - This word connects clauses and shows reason for doing something.

I am tired, so I will go home.
It is raining, so I will stay inside.
It is his birthday, so I got him a gift.

because - This word connects clauses and shows the cause for doing something.

I failed the test because I didn’t study.
I’m hungry because I skipped lunch.
I put on a coat because it is cold.

Answer these questions about the interview.

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