Intermediate English Grammar - B2 - Lesson 1 of 25
Intermediate English Grammar (B2)

Simple Passive

Watch four videos using the simple passive in conversation.

Conversation 1

Man: How is the new Thai restaurant?
Woman: It’s great. All the food is cooked with organic ingredients.
Man: That sounds great. How late is it open?
Woman: Well, food is served until 11, but the bar is open until midnight.
Man: I will have to check it out.
Woman: You should. It’s worth the visit.

Conversation 2

Man: Are you still playing basketball tonight?
Woman: No, the game is canceled.
Man: Oh, no, why is that?
Woman: The rec hall is reserved for something.
Man: That’s too bad.
Woman: Yeah, some band is scheduled to play there tonight.

Conversation 3

Man: Is the report done yet?
Woman: It is almost done.
Man: When will it be finished?
Woman: It should be done very soon.
Man: Well, as soon as it is finished, please get it to me.
Woman: I will. The minute it’s finished, you’ll get it.

Conversation 4

Man: This chair is broken.
Woman: Who broke it?
Man: I don’t know. It was broken when I got here.
Woman: Should I throw it out?
Man: No, I’ll see if maintenance can fix it.
Woman: Don’t bother. It is more trouble than it’s worth.
Man: You may be right.

Simple Passive and Past Participles

Point 1: For many verbs, an action from the past can be said in two ways.
  • Someone broke the chair.
  • The chair is broken.
  • Someone finished the report.
  • The report is finished.
  • Someone canceled the game.
  • The game is finished.
Point 2: Verbs can change to an adjective using the past participle tense, which is the -ed form of the verb.

regular verbs

  • finish, finished
  • cancel, canceled
  • reserve, reserved

irregular verbs

  • break, broke, broken
  • do, did, done
Point 3: The simple passive tense and adjective complement clause both use past participles and look similar, but they are different.

Simple Passive (Shows an action.)

  1. They serve food until midnight.
  2. Food is served until midnight.
  3. They cook the food with fresh ingredients.
  4. The food is cooked with fresh ingredients.

Adjective Complement (Shows a quality.)

  1. The chair is broken. The chair is old.
  2. The report is finished. The report is interesting.
  3. The game is canceled. The game is over.
Point 4: With adjective complements and past participles, the sentence describes how an action remains unchanged.
  • The store is closed now. Someone closed it.
  • The meeting is scheduled for noon. Someone scheduled it.
  • This soup is not cooked enough. Someone did not cook it.
  • I am not prepared to teach tomorrow. You didn't prepare.
Point 5: There are some verbs that use the base form of the verb, not the past participle, to express an ongoing situation.
  • The room is clean. Someone cleaned it.
  • The store is open. Someone opened it.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Listen to the audio. Type in the correct word!


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Grammar Listening Practice

                        Simple Passive
B2-01 Simple Passive
All the food is cooked with organic ingredients.

                        Past Passive
B2-02 Past Passive
It was built about 30 years ago.

B2-03 Was
                        able to
B2-03 Was able to
I wasn’t able to answer all the questions.

B2-04 Was
                        going to
B2-04 Was going to
I was going to go there.

                        Adverb Placement
B2-05 Adverb Placement
I haven’t technically been there.

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