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100 Chicago
100 Chicago
Diana talks about her city, Chicago, and what she likes about it.

099 Vending Machines
99 Vending Machines
Hisa has a complaint about vending machines. She explains why.

Alex 98 Soccer
98 Soccer in Kenya
Alex talks about playing the world's most popular sport in his country.

097 Japanese Salad
97 Japanese Salad
Hisa gives a recipe for a unique kind of Japanese salad that she makes.

096 Horses
96 Horses
Daniela loves horses. She talks a little about horses and how they act.

095 Ireland
95 Ireland
Shane talks about his home country in Ireland and the city is his from.

094 Learning Guitar
94 The Guitar
Diana discusses her new hobby and shares her skill level.

093 Tokyo Nights
93 Tokyo Nights
Shane talks about why he came to Tokyo from Dublin.

092 Wine
92 Wine
Sandra is a wine columnist. She gives tips about choosing a wine.

091 Dear Old Dad
91 Dear Old Dad
Kerri talks about her father and what makes him special.

090 Day at the Beach
90 Day at the Beach
James talks about a good day at the beach with friends.

087 School Life
87 School Life
Jeanna is an American high school student. She talks a little about school life.

086 The Commute
86 The Commute
Yoko talks about her daily commute on the train in Tokyo.

085 Apples
85 Apples
Kentaro answers questions about this well-known fruit.

084 Good Dog
84 Good Dog!
James talks about his beloved dog back home.

083 Japanese Festival
83 Japanese Festival
Yoko is answers questions about Japanese tradition and festivals.

082 Healthy Diet
82 Healthy Diet
Tara shares her thoughts about eating a healthy diet.

81 Teens and Computers
81 Teens and Computers
Jeanna answers questions about kids and technology today.

080 Guitar
80 Guitar
Tara loves to strum on her guitar. She talks about her new interest in music.

079 The Boyfriend
79 The Boyfriend
Tara talks about her boyfriend and what it is about him that she likes.

078 Ice Hockey
78 Ice Hockey
Like many Canadians, Chris loves hockey. He talks about his favorite sport.

077 The Gym
77 The Gym
Yoko talks her local gym and how she stays in shape.

076 Weather
76 The Weather
Marika talks about the day's weather and about the kinds of weather she likes.

075 The band
75 The Band
James is in a band. He talks about it and the kind of music he plays.

088 Canadian Cities
74 Canadian Cities
Marika talks about the three main cities of Canada.

073 Adjectives
73 Adjectives - Opposites
Jamon is given a word, an adjective, and says the first work that comes to his head.

072 Driving
72 Driving
Kerri talks about the process of getting a driver's license in the United States.

071 Bread
71 Bread
Marika talks a little about baking and making bread.

070 Abilities
70 Abilities
Jamon talks about things he can and can not do well.

069 Japan
69 Japan
Kentaro talks a little about his home country of Japan and his hometown roots.

068 Pasta Dish
68 Pasta Dish
Jessica talks about making manicotti, an Italian pasta dish.

067 Money
67 Money
James talks about what he would do if he was given a million dollars.

066 American Life
66 American Life
Yoko talks a little about her stay in the United States and why she went there.

065 Breakfast
65 Breakfast
Kentaro shares what he usually has for breakfast in the morning.

064 English Life
64 English Life
Tara talks about her hometown back in England.

062 Driving
63 Driving
Jeanna talks about her plans to learn how to drive and get a car.

062 Weather
62 Weather
James talks about the day's weather.

061 Tokyo
61 Tokyo
Tara now lives in Tokyo. She shares her thoughts on this Japanese city.

060 TV
60 TV
Marika tackles the question of whether TV is good or bad for people.

059 Sisters
59 Sisters
Kanade shares her feelings about her little sister.

058 Cananda
58 Canada
Jamie talks about his country and his feelings about life back home.

057 Photography
57 Photography
Theo is a photographer and he shares his thoughs on cameras.

056 Night Out
56 Night Out
Clare talks about getting ready to go out for a night on the town and playing cards.

054 Fish Market
54 The Fish Market
Daisuke works at Tsugiji fish market in Japan. He talks about his job.

053 Globalization
53 Globalization
Jamie is a businessmen in Japan. He shares his thoughts about globalization.

052 The Camera
52 The Camera
Richard answers questions about his camera and taking pictures.

051 Home Away from Home
51 Home away from Home
Kerys talks about where she is from and the places she has lived.

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