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Best Beach in Sri Lanka

Danu talks about a special beach in his home country of Sri Lanka.

Widuri: Now, can you tell me more about another famous place in Sri Lanka?

Danu: Sure. As I mentioned before, Sri Lanka is a beautiful island.

Widuri: Yes.

Danu: So Tooth Relic and the city of Kandy is right in the middle of Sri Lanka.

Widuri: Oh, I see.

Danu: If you go to the coastal area, there are so many beautiful beaches.

Widuri: Wow.

Danu: And I will talk about the place called Marble Beach.

Widuri: Marble Beach.

Danu: Why do you think we call it the Marble Beach?

Widuri: Marble Beach. Maybe because the sands look like marble?

Danu: Exactly. When you get in the sea, the sea bed looks like exactly like marble.

Widuri: Wow.

Danu: It's so blue, it shines when the sun is bright. You can see even from far away the blue sea bed of Marble Beach.

Widuri: Wow.

Danu: And the best thing about the Marble Beach is for about 1 kilometer, the depth of water is the same. It's really, really shallow.

Widuri: Oh yeah?

Danu: So nobody drowns if you swim in Marble Beach. You can swim even if you cannot swim.

Widuri: Oh really?

Danu: Yes. And since Sri Lanka is a tropical country, if it is not the rainy season, Marble Beach will be filled with people from outside Sri Lanka as well as with the people from Sri Lanka, local people and foreign people because tourists, they love to do sun bathing.

Widuri: Yeah, they are. Have you visited that Marble Beach?

Danu: Yes, so many times. Usually, my friends and we do road trips to this place because the road to Marble Beach is very beautiful and especially, there is no police in this area so you can drive freely.

Widuri: Oh I see. So you mentioned that Kandy is in the middle of Sri Lanka and this one is in the southern part.

Danu: No. Kandy is in the central part of Sri Lanka and Marble Beach in northeastern part of Sri Lanka.

Widuri: Is it far?

Danu: It is roughly 170 kilometers from my city.

Widuri: Oh, not so far. Interesting. Any other famous place near those two places?

Danu: Oh yes, sure. Near Marble Beach, there's another Hindu temple.

Widuri: Okay.

Danu: And the landscape of this temple is very interesting because in Sri Lanka, usually, around the beach, around the coastal area, there are no highlands or mountains. But this exact Hindu temple is situated on a little mountain right next to Marble Beach. And if you look down from the Hindu temple, it's like a cliff. It's like a straight fall into the water.

Widuri: Wow.

Danu: So there had been people jumping off from here and trying to suicide as well.

Widuri: Oh really?

Danu: As an offering to the god.

Widuri: Wow.

Danu: Yeah.

Widuri: That's a bit scary. But it's so interesting. So near that Marble Beach, we have the beautiful cliff plus the Hindu temple.

Danu: That's true.

Widuri: Very interesting. Wow, I definitely want to go there. I will stay at your house and then we go to both…

Danu: Temple of the Tooth Relic…

Widuri: Yes, and then…

Danu: And the Marble Beach.

Widuri: The Marble Beach and then to the Hindu temple.

Danu: Definitely, I'll be your guide.

Widuri: Oh thank you, Danu.

Danu: Thank you, Widuri.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

coastal area

Go to the coastal area.

A coastal area is an area located by the sea, ocean or lake. Notice the following:

  1. Many fisherman live in the coastal area.
  2. The coastal area gets lots of tourists.


The sands look like marble.

Marble is a type of rock that is very polished and has beautiful colors and streaks. Notice the following:

  1. Our kitchen has a marble floor.
  2. As a kid, I loved to play marbles.


The depth of water is the same.

The depth of something is how deep it is. Notice the following:

  1. The depth of the pool is 10 feet at its deepest point.
  2. The depth of the ocean is much deeper than most people realize.


The landscape of this temple is very interesting.

Landscape refers to the visible features of an area of land. Notice the following:

  1. The landscape in my town is ugly!
  2. People take many photos of the landscape.


There are no highlands or mountains.

Highlands refer to an area of high mountainous lands. Notice the following:

  1. Scotland has many highlands.
  2. It is very green but cold in the highlands.


It is roughly 170 kilometers from my city.

Roughly means about and we use it to make a guess about a large number. Notice the following:

  1. There were roughly 100 people at the party.
  2. We spent roughly 50 dollars.

Vocabulary Quiz

depth • marble • coastal area
landscape • highlands • roughly
  1. We have floors in our kitchen.
  2. She loves waters so she lives in a .
  3. What is the like where you live?
  4. What is the of this lake?
  5. In the , it snows a lot in winter.
  6. I need to write 10 more pages.

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