High-Beginner Level 3

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1316 Soups and Salads
What are you good at?
Things we are good at
Views 1368

1315 Know a good place?
What can you do?
Things people can do
Views 1367

1303 Life in Portugal
Soup for Supper
Sarah talks about making soup
Views 1354

1303 Life in Portugal
Super City
The best and worst of SF
Views 1353

1316 Soups and Salads

Views 1316

1315 Know a good place?

Views 1315

1314 The Big Five

Views 1314

1304 When in Portugal

Views 1304

1303 Life in Portugal

Views 1303

1247 Work from Abroad
Sleep Time
Getting Sleep and Naps
Views 1268

1247 Work from Abroad
What we dream about!
Views 1367

1247 Work from Abroad
Greek Holiday
Hana's holiday in Greece
Views 1358

1247 Work from Abroad
Traveling to Taiwan
Hana's time in Taiwan
Views 1357

1019 Hawaii
What makes Hawaii so special
Views 1019

1018 The Nature of Myths
Mythical People
The myth of Paul Bunyan
Views 1018

1010 Mongolian Vacation
Mongolian Vacation
Things to do in Mongolia
Views 1010

1009 School in Mongolia
School in Mongolia
What school is like in Mongolia
Views 1009

940 Ron Food
Ron's Favorites
Foods Ron loves to eat

939 Mari Food
Mari's Favorite Foods
Foods Mari loves to eat
Views 939

931 Naomi Middle School
Middle School
Daily life in middle school
Views 931

928 Naomi Middle School
Free Time
Naomi's ree time activities
Views 928

927 Netball
Net Ball
Naomi talks about sport
Views 927

918 Mari's Choices
Mari's Media
Mari's talks about media
Views 918

917 Ron's Choices
Ron's Media
Ron talks about media
Views 917

916 Mari's Ability
Mari's Abilities
Mari talks about her abilities
Views 916

915 Ron's Ability
Ron's Abilities
Ron talks about abilities
Views 915

803 Jeans
Jeans Part 2
Mariel talks about her jeans
Views 803

802 Jeans
Jeans Part 1
Mariel talks more about jeans
Views 802

801 Finland
Mariel talks about her country
Views 801

553 20 Questions
20 Questions
Senem and Brett play a game
Views 553

408 Yoga
Marion talks about Yoga
Views 408

407 Trash Rules
Trash Rules
Marion tells Todd about the trash
Views 407

406 Knitting
Marion talks about knitting.
Views 406

405 Australia
The land down under
Views 405

404 Ireland
Marion talks about home
Views 404

403 Aussie Animals
Aussie Animals
Marion talks about animals
Views 403

400 The Injury
The Injury
Joel talks about getting hurt
Views 400

399 The Crash
The Crash
Joel talks about a bad day
Views 399

388 Routine
Mike talks about his daily routine
Views 388

375 Food
Marion shares he thoughts about food
Views 375

374 Parcel
The Parcel
Marion talks about a care package
Views 374

373 Train Ride
Train Ride
Vivian talks about a riding trains
Views 373

372 Knitting
Vivian talks about knitting
Views 372

371 Being a Grandmother
Being a grandmother
Views 371

370 Aging
Vivian talks about getting old
Views 370

368 Glasses
Marion has a problem
Views 368

367 Messy Room
Messy Room
Marion discusses her room
Views 367

341 Pets
Marion talks about her pets
Views 341

340 Mushrooms
Marion talks about mushrooms
Views 340

231 Music
Kate talks about her music
Views 231

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