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Learn how to create engaging, effective and easy-to-make lesson materials for students learning any language.


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Learn Digital Content Creation
July 15th to August 25th

Participants can learn the the following:

  • How to teach any language!
  • How to make lessons engaging!
  • How to create cool digital products!


Course Overview

Hello, everybody! My name is Todd, and I am an English teacher based in Asia. I currently teach English at a university in Japan. I am also the creator of Ello, a platform I have been passionately developing for over 20 years. One of my hobbies is creating digital content for students, and today, I am excited to introduce you to our new course: Digital Content Creation for Teachers.

In this six-week course, you will familiarize yourself with various free tools to create effective and engaging materials quickly. Each week focuses on different themes and tools, providing you with hands-on experience and valuable resources.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

Week 1: Listening and Reading Content

Main Tools: Audacity and Dropbox

Highlights: Learn to create audio content using Audacity, and utilize Dropbox to host interactive listening activities. Access dozens of free MP3 files and create your own listening lessons with our tutorials.

Week 2: Vocabulary Building

Main Tools: Excel and Google Forms

Highlights: Discover how Excel can be more effective than Word for creating interactive worksheets. Explore self-graded quizzes with Google Forms and learn to use AI tools like ChatGPT to create content quickly.

Week 3: Creating Books and Worksheets

Main Tools: Loom and Kami

Highlights: Learn to bundle and share your materials, create instructional videos using Loom, and annotate PDFs with Kami. We will also explore the potential of PowerPoint for multimedia worksheets.

Week 4: Grammar Instruction

Main Tools: Excel, PowerPoint, Nearpod, Prezi, Padlet

Highlights: Use Excel for interactive grammar puzzles and explore various presentation tools to enhance your teaching methods.

Week 5: Quizzes, Tests, and Assessment

Main Tools: Quizlet, Quizzes, Socrative, Speech Notes

Highlights: Create engaging quizzes and tests. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Teachable to learn how to create your own courses.

Week 6: Video Content Creation

Main Tools: YouTube, Zoom, Veed

Highlights: Master video content creation with popular and lesser-known tools. Learn to add captions and create engaging videos for your courses.

Course Features

Simplified Approach: Despite the comprehensive content, the course is designed to be easy to follow. You can dive deep into the materials or use it as an orientation to see what's available.

Feedback and Interaction: You will receive feedback on your creations and access to hundreds of free activity files.

Affordable Pricing: At only $25, this course offers exceptional value compared to other high-priced courses, ensuring it delivers more for less.

Join Us!

I hope you are interested in joining the course. You can preview each section through our introductory videos and get access to all the tutorials once the course begins. I am passionate about creating digital content and eager to share my knowledge with you.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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Meet the Teacher

My name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher in Japan. I created this site to provide teachers and students free audio lessons and learning materials not usually found in commercial textbooks.