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Week 4 - Grammar

Welcome to the preview of week 4, which focuses on presentations, specifically grammar presentations. This module covers various presentation tools, conveniently bundled together for ease of use. These tools are both familiar and new, providing a comprehensive overview for educators.

Presentation Tools for Week 4


Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that allows students to interact with slides using their phones or computers. This tool enhances engagement and provides a dynamic learning experience.


Nearpod offers a range of features, including interactive slides, video integration, and audio recording for speaking tests. It is widely used for its versatility and ease of use in educational settings.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office tools, particularly Excel, will be revisited to create grammar and vocabulary activities. This module will build on concepts introduced in week 2, focusing on more complex applications for teaching grammar.


Peardeck is another alternative to Nearpod and Mentimeter, providing a platform for interactive presentations. This tool will be explored to understand its features and applications in the classroom.


Prezi is known for its visually interactive presentation style. It offers unique features that make presentations more engaging and dynamic for students.


Padlet serves as an interactive slideshow tool and can also function as a website where students create and share materials. It offers numerous possibilities for collaborative learning and presentation.


Week 4 introduces various presentation tools, providing an opportunity to evaluate and become familiar with them. This week is designed to be light, focusing on exploring the tools rather than creating content. Educators will gain insights into the latest features and improvements in these tools, enhancing their teaching methods. The following week will delve into Interactive Engagement, a module that students will particularly enjoy.

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