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1325 Slow Travel
#1325 Slow Travel
Travelling vs staying in one place.
1324 Where to Work in Asia
#1324 Where to Work in Asia
Places to work in Asia.
1323 Business in Bali
#1323 Business in Bali
Doing business from Bali.
1322 The Recovery
#1322 The Recovery
An accident that ruined a special day.
1321 Car Smash Ups
#1321 Car Smash Ups
Traffic accidents.
1320 Being Different
#1320 Being Different
Thinking differently from others.
1319 Memories of Canada
#1319 Memories of Canada
First memories of Canada.
1318 Island vs City
#1318 Island vs City
Living in the city and on an island.
1317 Mother / Father Island
#1317 Mother / Father Island
Living in very basic conditions.
1316 Soups and Salads
#1316 Soups and Salads
Shirley's favorite restaurant.
1315 Know a good place?
#1315 Know a good place?
Ideas about where to eat.
1314 The Big Five
#1314 The Big Five
Five popular wild animals.
1313 Zoologist
#1313 Zoologist
Working with animals.
1312 Change Climate Change
#1312 Skin Sea and Sun
Paul and Amy discuss sunshine and warm and cold climates.
1311 Climate Change
#1311 Choosing a Climate
Aimee and Paul discuss the best place to live.
1310 Homegrown Foreigner
#1310 Homegrown Foreigner
Feeling strange at home.
1309 Going Home
#1309 Going Home
Having two home countries.
1308 Money Worries
#1308 Money Worries
Saving for the future.
1307 Retirement
#1307 Retirement
Options for retirement.
1306 Surviving the Wild
#1306 Surviving the Wild
Going into the wilderness.
1305 Vision Quest
#1305 Vision Quest
Mark's special journey.
1304 When in Portugal
#1304 When in Portugal
Things to do in Portugal.
1303 Life in Portugal
#1303 Life in Portugal
Food, weather and life.
1302 Change Climate Change
#1302 Change of Climate
The affects on the climate.
1301 Climate Change
#1301 Climate Change
Recents events with weather.

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