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Her Do-over

Sarah talks about what she would change about her life if she could do it again.

Adam: Hi Sarah.

Sarah: Hi.

Adam: Today we’re talking about do-overs. So if you had a time machine and you could go back to your college years, is there anything that you might change or do differently?

Sarah: I really wish that I would have had the chance to study abroad. I chose the wrong major initially. I was a nursing major for two years, and worked really hard at a major I was really bad at. And then after two years, I switched schools and switched majors. And because of that, I had so many credits to take that I couldn’t study abroad or do really any extra classes that were fun.

Adam: Hmm, that must have been challenging. Where would you have liked to study abroad?

Sarah: Really, anywhere. I’ve always loved to travel, so I would have been open to going anywhere.

Adam: So you said you studied nursing, what would you have studied otherwise?

Sarah: Well, I first went into nursing because everyone since I was really little told me that I would be a good nurse. So I thought it was my calling in life. And then after taking lots and lots of science classes, which I’m really bad at, I decided to switch majors to education. And then I ended up liking that major, so I’m really happy that I switched.

Adam: Was there any other major that you would find interesting that you might study if you went back or you’re satisfied with education?

Sarah: I’m glad I did education because I really liked that work wise. But if I had to go with things that I’m interested in, I probably would have been some sort of art major. Both of my siblings are artists, so it kind of runs in the family a little bit.

Adam: What kind of art do you like?

Sarah: Mainly dance, but I also was really into music growing up, so musical instruments and singing.

Adam: So, do you have any friends that were interested in art or dance that you had in those times?

Sarah: Not really. No, actually.

Adam: Do you wish that if you were in a group of people that like the similar things that you might have pursued different interests.

Sarah: Hmm, definitely. I wish I would have done more with dance. I was a ballerina for 12 years. And I gave up on that when I was 14. So I got to the level where I either had to train professionally to do that for a job or stay in a class where the younger girls would keep moving up. And so at that time, I quit.

And although I don’t wish I was still doing ballet, I wish I would continued some kind of dance.

Adam: Interesting.

Adam: So Sarah, any funny haircuts or anything like that?

Sarah: Actually, yes. One week before I moved away to college, I cut my hair boy-short. And then after that, like during my first semester, I’d dyed it all different shades of red. And my hair has actually been pretty much every link and every natural-ish color.

Adam: Wow. How did your friends and family respond to your red hair?

Sarah: My mom didn’t like it so much. She thought I was going to die like a natural red color, but it was more of fuchsia red color. So she didn’t like it very much. But my friends and like siblings understood because I’ve always been very different and didn’t really care what other people thought about how I looked.

Adam: How long did you like it?

Sarah: For a while until I wanted change. I love change, so I’d always switch it to something else.

Adam: Well, that’s great. Thanks, Sarah.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



I switched schools and switched majors.

Switch means to change from thing to another. Notice the following:

  1. I switched the light off.
  2. Please switch chairs with me.



What would you have studied otherwise?

Here, 'otherwise' means 'alternatively.' Notice the following:

  1. I would think otherwise before doing that.
  2. I do not agree. I feel otherwise.

end up


I ended up liking that major.

When you end up doing something, you do something that was not originally planned. Notice the following:

  1. We ended up going home early.
  2. She ended up taking the job.



Both of my siblings are artists.

Siblings are brothers and sisters. Notice the following:

  1. Do you have siblings?
  2. I have three siblings.

runs in the family


It kind of runs in the family a little bit.

Something that 'runs in the family' refers to family members having something in common. Notice the following:

  1. Being a police officer runs in the family.
  2. Singing runs in the family. Everyone has a good voice.

give up (on)


I gave up on that when I was 14.

When you give up something, you quit doing it. Notice the following:

  1. He gave up drinking at age 45.
  2. I gave up watching the movie. It was too boring.

Vocabulary Quiz

switch • otherwise • end up
siblings • in the family • gave up
  1. I plan to jobs.
  2. She fast food for her health.
  3. A love of comedy runs .
  4. I have three : two brothers and a sister.
  5. If it rains, what do you do ?
  6. I think we will staying home.

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