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What are you good at?

Abidemi and Rory talk about things they are good at and things they are not skilled at?

Abidemi: Okay, Rory, are you good at sports?

Rory: Yeah, I am. I'm good at soccer, I think. And I run quite a lot. I'm getting faster. So yeah, I think I'm quite good at sports.

Abidemi: Wow.

Rory: How about you?

Abidemi: No, not really. It's something that I never really practiced when I was a child so I'm not really good at sports. But when people look at me, they always say, "You look like you can run so fast. You look like you can play all these sports." I can run, but I don't do it often or played so many sports. Yup.

Rory: Okay. And are you good at math?

Abidemi: Yes. I feel like I'm bragging when I say that but I enjoy math. And when I was in school, I did well in it. I think up to high school level math, I'm good. What about you, Rory?

Rory: Yeah, the same. So I think I'm quite good at math. I enjoyed it at high school but I didn't do it after that. Now I help my daughter with her math homework, and yeah, I think I'm pretty good.

Abidemi: Lucky her.

Rory: And how about computers? Are you good at computers?

Abidemi: I think I have the basics down. So I'm good at the basic things in computers. But overall, when it gets too complicated, I'm not too good at it. What about you, Rory?

Rory: Yeah, I'm okay. I can use a computer but I can't – I'm not good at programming, things like this, you know. I don't understand this.

Abidemi: I think this is a big one for people. Are you good at getting up early?

Rory: I'm really good at getting up early.

Abidemi: How early?

Rory: You know 5:00 or 6:00 o'clock is no problem for me.

Abidemi: Wow.

Rory: And I think it's because ever since I was young, I've always got up early. I used to do a paper round when I was a kid.

Abidemi: I see.

Rory: I get up before 6:00 o'clock. So how about you? Are you good at getting up early?

Abidemi: No, not really. I like to sleep in. Especially when it's winter, I'm not good at getting up early at all. My body just wants to sleep the whole day. In the summer, I'm a lot better with the sun.

Rory: Okay.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



I feel like I'm bragging when I say that.

When you brag, you talk about yourself in a positive manner. Notice the following:

  1. She always brags about her kids.
  2. She likes to brag about her wedding ring.

have (it) down


I think I have the basics down.

When you 'have something down,' you know how to do it confidently. Notice the following:

  1. I had trouble with the software at first, but now I have it down.
  2. I still don't have this down. I need to study.



It gets too complicated.

Something that is complicated is difficult of complex. Notice the following:

  1. This video game is too complicated for me.
  2. This math problem is so complicated.

a big one


I think this is a big one for people.

Here, 'a big one' means something important. Notice the following:

  1. At my new job I can wear jeans. In terms of benefits, that's a big one for me.
  2. There are some things I hate, and smoking is a big one for me.

a paper round


I used to do a paper round when I was a kid.

A paper round is a paper route, a delivery route for a paperboy. Notice the following:

  1. I had a paper round as a kid.
  2. Children no longer have paper routes.

sleep in


I like to sleep in.

When you sleep in, you do not wake up early. Notice the following:

  1. I love to sleep in on the weekend.
  2. My father never sleeps in. He always gets up early.

Vocabulary Quiz

complicated • brag • have it down
sleep in • a big one • round
  1. This math is hard but I should soon.
  2. I always on Sunday morning.
  3. It is not polite to .
  4. The rules are ! It is confusing.
  5. I have many pet peeves. Smoking is for me.
  6. I had a paper as a teen.

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