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Lucia / Namibiaflaf

What is harder to do consistently, exercising or diet?

How to Practice Listening Comprehension

  • Play the video.
  • Answer the questions as you listen.
  • Check your answers when you finish.

How to Practice Vocabulary

  • Review the vocabulary from the video below.
  • Complete the blanks below with words from the lesson.
  • Check your answers. Correct any answers that are wrong!

1) breaking your diet | to eat unhealthy foods

2) temptations | things that attract you

3) adjust to | to get used to something

4) do consistently | to make an activity a routine

5) Junk Food | unhealthy snacks and meals

Vocabulary Quiz

Complete the sentences below with the vocabulary words.
consistently • adjust to
breaking • junk food • temptations
  1. I try not to give in to my .
  2. If you eat candy, you are your diet.
  3. Pizza is my favorite .
  4. I will living in a new place.
  5. Brushing my teeth is something I do .

How to Practice Speaking

  • Play the audio and answer the questions with your own answer.
  • Click the blue squares to see the questions and possible answers.
  • There is a pause of six seconds to answer each question.

How to Practice Grammar

  • Choose the correct word for each blank.
  • Check you score at the end. Three attempts are allowed.
  • Study Tip - Play the video and choose the words as you listen.


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