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Short listening lessons of International people's lives.
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Learn vocabulary and grammar with natural English.
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Two teachers talks about the colors of life.
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Meg A1 Beginner
Two people talk about their favorite things.
Hear Real English
Natalie A1 Beginner
Katie talks about her family in England.
Learn Pronouns
Katie A1 Beginner
Listen to real English conversations for beginners.
Quiz Included
Hear Real English!
Hear about a woman's trip during summer break.
Past Tense / Travel
Abidemi A2 Beginner
Listen to a woman talk about staying at a friend's house.
Can for Permission
Katie A2 Beginner
What healthy foods does Meg like?
Talking about Food
Meg A2 Beginner
Hear natural conversations for intermediate students.
Quiz Included
Hear Real English!
Learn how people live in the Artic in Canada!
Worksheet Included
Abidemi B1 Intermediate
Two people debate if humans should go to Mars.
Vocab Lesson Included
John B1 Intermediate
Hear about surprising foods that some people dislike!
Free Downloable Materials
Katie B1 Intermediate
Hear real conversations for upper-intermediate students.
Quiz and Script Included
Hear International English
Hear a mom share how to fix boredom in kids.
Bonus Vocabulary Lesson
Angela B2 Intermediate
What trait is more important to success?
Bonus Vocabulary Lesson
Gyri B2 Intermediate
How long can you live without your phone?
Learn Interesting Words
Jin B2 Intermediate
Listen natural discussions for advanced students.
Quiz and Script Included
Hear International English
Anthony talks about bitcoin and its history.
Take the Quiz
Anthony C1 Advanced
The benefits of travelling versus staying in one place.
Business English
Dan C1 Advanced
Two people share where they would like to live.
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Aimee C1 Advanced


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Hello, and welcome to elllo. My name is Todd Beuckens. I've been an ESL teacher for 25 years. I created elllo to provide teachers and students free audio lessons and learning materials not usually found in commercial textbooks.
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