Grammar Focus

Low-Intermediate Level 4 (CEFR B1)

These listening activities feature natural conversations that cover grammar and language points for beginner students.
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Two people share langaues they do and don't speak.
Aimie Todd
Sarah gives job tips for working for the U.S. State Department.
Aimie Todd
4.03 Used to
Two people talk about how life was different not long ago.
Aimie Todd
Mel and Doron disucss a romantic holiday for kids.
Aimie Todd
Sarah gives job tips for working for the U.S. State Department.
Aimie Todd
Two people share what they would like to do in their life.
Darcy Todd
Expereinces with people, food and cultures, movies and more.
Katie Todd
Meg is moving and talks about all the things she needs to do.
Meg Todd
Sarah and Todd share what they do in certain situations.
Sarah Todd
Six students share what they will do if they are class president.
Mike Hanna


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Sound Grammar
Sound Grammar - answer key

Sound Grammar by elllo

Listen to short animated conversations that use key grammar points.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.01 Do for Emphasis
Four people share information with emphasis.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.02 Causative Verbs
Hear four conversations with causative verbs.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.03 Used to
Hear four conversations about past actions.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.04 Would - Past Tense
Hear four talks about routines in the past.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.05 Should - Suggestions
Listen to suggestions about a city.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.06 Would like to / Want to
Listen to how people discuss their wishes.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.07 Present Perfect Experienes
Two people talk about things they have done.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.08 Have to / Must
Two people talk about obligations.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.09 Zero Conditionals
Listen to conversations using "if" statements.

1247 Work from Abroad
4.10 First Conditionals
Hear people make "if" statements.

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